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Plastic-Bottled Water – Blech

I remember being in a flight where I had to buy plastic-bottled water (lest I die from dehydration on the plane) and when I tasted it, my gosh it was so awful.  It tasted like it was expired!! Can water expire??  It was Philippine-bottled but we were coming from Osaka so I’m not sure what the factors were – was … Continue reading

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The Winners! World Water Day – OCMominManila Blog Giveaway

We had 39 entries from 15 entrants, where 8 entrants had multiple entries (which is allowed and encouraged per OC rules).  Like I mentioned in my previous post, my criteria for choosing the 5 winners of the Aquasana reusable glass bottles (aside from the mechanics) are: – Those who gave the most tips – Those who gave tips I have … Continue reading

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60% of Home Water Consumption is Done in Your Bathroom

According to National Geographic’s Green Guide, the bathroom is where 60% of water used indoors is consumed. Here’s an interesting video on conserving water in your bathroom where some of the tips are already being practiced by OCMOMinManila’s blog readers.  (Yay for you!  I reserve the right to copy the tips you submitted.) Another tip on “saving” water: Use organic … Continue reading

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It Takes Up to 3L of Water to Manufacture 1L of Bottled Water

What a waste!  According to some estimates, it takes up to 3L of water to manufacture 1L of bottled water.  This, plus liters of petroleum used to produce the PET bottles, bulk of which are not recycled; liters of gasoline to transport the bottled water products; and the health risks that come with drinking from plastic, are major reasons why … Continue reading

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