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My O.C. Mommyologist Friend’s Plastic Piles

This friend is one of the most O.C. moms I know (way more O.C. than I am).  She moved to Chapel Hill in North Carolina a few years back for her husband’s MBA, gave birth to 1 daughter in 2008 and is having another one in March.  She, too, owns an Aquasana Shower Filter (am I biased about featuring Aquasana … Continue reading

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How To: Pack Away the Christmas Tree Decor

The week after the New Year is the time we say goodbye to the Christmas decor.  Like I posted before, we don’t have much decor but it’s still an ordeal to pack away.  To make it easy to decorate next Christmas, it’s very important to organize the decor properly in storage.  (Planning 1 year ahead is always good!) Here are … Continue reading

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