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San Francisco Starts the Ban on Plastic Water Bottles

Woohoo!! SFO has started a ban on selling water bottles on city property and they are working on a ban on using city funds to purchase bottled water. Here’s the article from Reuters. It’s gutsy move for a big city in the US where the bottled water industry is probably worth millions.  It’s also an admirable and responsible move knowing … Continue reading

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Plastic-Bottled Water – Blech

I remember being in a flight where I had to buy plastic-bottled water (lest I die from dehydration on the plane) and when I tasted it, my gosh it was so awful.  It tasted like it was expired!! Can water expire??  It was Philippine-bottled but we were coming from Osaka so I’m not sure what the factors were – was … Continue reading

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Glass Is Better Than Plastic

I remember I was in ATC a few years ago and I bought lemonade from Auntie Anne’s.  The girl gets the lemonade from the dispenser and puts it in the plastic cup. AA Girl: Ma’am naubusan po kami ng cover [Ma’am, we ran out of cup covers] ME: Ha, maglalakad ako sa mall na walang takip yung lemonade ko? [Huh, … Continue reading

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There’s Something In The Bottled Water

In college, we took a field trip to a sugar cane plant for one of our manufacturing courses.  Because I was a nerd, I wanted to be in front so I could listen closely to every word the plant boss said.  He showed us the tank, where the canes were converted to sugar cane juice, which led down to a … Continue reading

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