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Nesting Part 4: My Home Office Cabinet

I work from the house more than half of the week. I prefer to situate myself on our dining room table which is more spacious than my husband’s former office (slash – junk room).  You can check out 101gramsofeyecandy’s feature on my work area a few months ago as part of her “Where Do You Blog” series.  My favorite part … Continue reading

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My Friend’s O.C. Husband

More often than not, the O.C. ones when it comes to parenting and the home are female.  However, lately we have heard about the dads being O.C. too like my brother in Vancouver and David Beckham.  And sometimes, they’re even more O.C. than the moms. An example is my friend Angelique’s husband.  Here are some of his OC habits at … Continue reading

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Ikea Lifestyle Study on Organization Part 2 of 2

Here’s the second and last part of Ikea’s Organization and Lifestyle study, taken from Online Organizing‘s website. REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATS AND NEW YORKERS Registered Republicans were three times more likely to color code their T-shirt DRAWERS than registered Democrats. Registered Republicans were three times as likely to organize their closets as compared to registered Democrats. However, Democrats were five times as … Continue reading

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How To: Pack Away the Christmas Tree Decor

The week after the New Year is the time we say goodbye to the Christmas decor.  Like I posted before, we don’t have much decor but it’s still an ordeal to pack away.  To make it easy to decorate next Christmas, it’s very important to organize the decor properly in storage.  (Planning 1 year ahead is always good!) Here are … Continue reading

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