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What Kind of OC Mom Are You?

Because my name is OCMominManila, everyone expects everything about me to be perfect. (I guess that’s the peril of giving yourself such a name.)  Now that my face has suddenly been exposed in the digital world because of the Mommy Matters #Real Mom campaign, I’m worried that my neighbor will start snapping photos of my garage with a used walis … Continue reading

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From Mouseketeer to Mission Impossible Mom: Keri Russell

I loved watching Felicity when I was in college and I’ve liked Keri Russell since then. She’s my age.  She also has a 4-yr old.  And she’s expecting another baby.  (Now, if only I looked as good or as chic as she did … floppy sun hat – check. wayfarers –  check, white v-neck – check, dark jeans – check, … Continue reading

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My O.C. Mother, the EDSA Revolution and Tita Cory

I’m sorry I was supposed to do an O.C. personality feature last Friday.  I’ve just been so busy at work and preparing for a trip to the most O.C. land on Earth.  I’ll fill you in on the details soon. So here I am doing my O.C. personality feature 2 days late and it is related to the historical theme … Continue reading

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My O.C. Best Friend with a Great (Eye) for Design

We lived in the same village, went to the same nursery (but we never met each other there), met in Grade 4 and she has been one of my best friends ever since.  She calls herself (eye) candy, coming from her blog 101 grams of eye candy.  She’s a mom to 4 beautiful girls but if you see her, you’ll … Continue reading

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