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Why I Use the Unionbank CashBack Mastercard on Practically Everything

I’ve had my Unionback CashBack Mastercard for almost 2 months now and seriously, I’ve used it on everything.  I’ve used it so much that I’ve gotten calls from the Unionbank Cards Head Office to validate if I really used the card 5x in one day, several days in a week. Here are the main reasons why I love to have it swiped: It gives … Continue reading

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A #CavityFreeFuture For Our Kids

Did you know that almost 90% of Filipinos have cavities?  Did you also know that non-communicable diseases are linked to oral health (Read more mayoclinic.org)? These are what I learned in the Colgate #CavityFreeFuture event.  I used to be a brand manager of a toothbrush brand I remember that in the Philippines, sales of toothbrushes averaged 1 piece per household per year.  In a recent … Continue reading

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DIY Olaf-Stylized Costume

Yesterday, I posted about working together with M on her Olivia Lego Friends costume.  Today, I post about how we did N’s Olaf-stylized costume.  Although I wanted to get away from the Frozen madness, I stayed with it because (you can’t fight it!!) I didn’t have time to think of anything else.  I wanted her to be a Lego block but when I … Continue reading

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Convection Oven Vs. Air Fryer

One of my Quaker Supermoms goals was to be more healthy with what we put in our bodies.  One of the ways we worked towards that goal was with the way we cooked our food.  From frying with cooking oil, we moved to using a Cuisinart convection oven or a Philips Air Fryer. Some friends have asked me for reviews … Continue reading

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