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Why I Stopped Drinking Bottled Water (and a Side Story on Japan’s Clean Water)

After starting Aquasana in the Philippines, I have started to notice water quality wherever we travel.  To me, the cleanest water for bathing and drinking used to be Vancouver but that changed after our Japan visit.  Japan’s water was clean-smelling, clean-tasting (yes, I have begun to notice the smell and taste of chlorine and lead already), and had a clean … Continue reading

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O.C. Stands For Orderly and Calm Japanese (Even at the Height of Disaster)

We flew back from Japan last Thursday midnight, less than 24 hours before the earthquake struck.  Partly, we feel like we escaped major disaster.   However, we were in Tokyo from March 1-8 and then in Osaka from March 8-10 so we were generally safe there, far far away from the epicenter and the tsunami.  They do say there was an … Continue reading

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