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How to Get Your Picky Eater to Eat More with Bento

Can you believe my daughter does not like spaghetti?  Can a kid get pickier than that?  In a recent pedia visit, the doctor said her weight was plateauing and recommended appetite stimulants.  She also said — and this was a pretty obvious no-brainer prescription — that we should make her eat more. But food is kind of boring for her.  I myself … Continue reading

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How To Make an Authentic Woody Costume

When I was growing up, Halloween just meant being in Manila Memorial Park with my cousins.  Now, Halloween in Manila has gotten bigger, grander and quite commercial, even for our small village. Houses are decorated and hundreds of kids dress up in costume, most of them store-bought.  The OC mom in me, though, cannot stand store-bought costumes.  Ok, fine, I’m … Continue reading

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