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A Post 6-Month Report on my Healthy Goals

It’s been a little over 6 months so where am I on my Quaker Supermoms goals?  Here’s my report: 1. Healthy Air, Water and Energy Of course, I have a perfect score on healthy water because my house is equipped with an Aquasana Whole House filter, Drinking filter and shower filters in each bathroom.  We only bathe, drink and even … Continue reading

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The 4-Minute Workout

Because of the goals asked of us as Quaker Supermoms (parang napasubo ata ako … but in a good way!), I’ve really taken my health seriously in the last few months.  Part of this is to make sure I work out and keep fit.  Now, being a mom, I feel like I can rationalize my not working out by giving the classic … Continue reading

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The Quality of Water You Drink Affects How Your Body Functions

The human body is made up of more than 70% water. The blood is more than 80%, The brain more than 75%, and the liver is an amazing 96% water. When I read this about 2 years ago, it just dawned on me how vital water is in our life and how we take this clear boring liquid for granted.  … Continue reading

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