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Helpless in Manila

A month ago, my 3-month old helper said her mom was sick and she needed money to send home.  I, of course, agreed to give her a month’s salary.  A few days later,  she said “Malala na nanay ko, ma’am.”  My gut was telling me she wasn’t being truthful and I was facing crocodile tears but I couldn’t be heartless … Continue reading

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DIY Halloween Costume #2: Loopy Over Lalaloopsies

Hi, I’m Kris and I’m a Lalaloopsy addict. (Check out my glowing review of Lalaloopsy toys on Crash Test Mommies) I have successfully brainwashed my 5yo M into liking them too and agreeing to be a Lalaloopsy for her main Halloween character this year.  (Her other costume was Izzy of Jake and the Neverland Pirates for school.) We decided on … Continue reading

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DIY Halloween Costume #1: Izzy of Jake and the Neverland Pirates

I don’t know why but I really cannot buy ready-to-wear costumes.  I feel that the fun of Halloween and costume parties lie mostly in the innovation and creativity behind your costume.  (It’s either that or I’m just too cheap to buy anything that will just be used once or twice.) In the past we’ve always made M’s costumes.  In 2010, … Continue reading

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DIY Halloween Costume Part 2: N as an iPod

It’s very hard to come up with costume ideas for babies.  Our N is only 7 weeks old and I had to make sure the costume would be: cool enough so as not make her overheat; easily removable in case she got fussy; physically flexible and sturdy (given her flailing arms and legs); and cute. I wanted to pay tribute … Continue reading

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