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Aquasanaman is Part of the Family

Aquasanaman is Mang Efren.  He is a superhero to Aquasana clients.  He delivers and installs Aquasana drinking, shower and whole house filters.  If your shower or faucet isn’t compatible on its own, he will find ways to make them compatible by flying to the nearest hardware store.  He is plumber, mechanic, logistics head and he has been around since Mika … Continue reading

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A Lesson on Sincere Customer Service from Metro Walk

I have this friend, let’s call him Fred* (*name withheld for obvious reasons), who buys DVDs from Metro Walk.  When new stocks arrive, Fred* gets a text from the seller to come by.  Fred* gets discounts on every purchase.  The seller lets Fred* know if it’s a good copy or a bad copy while he’s buying.  And if it so … Continue reading

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