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5 Steps to Making Our Kids Feel Special and Loved

Last year, I started my Quaker Supermom goals for a healthy home environment.  My initial steps were on food and healthy fuel for our bodies. However, I think I should have started with the most important aspect of a healthy life — the emotional fuel. For this goal, I am pretty lucky that I got a chance to reconnect with childhood … Continue reading

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In-Law Issues: A New Beginnings Mum Support Group Hot Topic

We’ve had three New Beginnings events already (I like to call them mum support groups — like AA meetings) and in the most recent one, a lot of us mums shared our issues with our in-laws. As more mums shared, it was obvious that we had common concerns: One big issue was about in-laws “breaking the rules” that you are … Continue reading

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Raising My Children According to Birth Order

If I realized how much Psychology knowledge I would need to be a parent, I would have taken it up in college. It would definitely come in handy now. Take our lesson from Coach Pia (Coach Pia is a life coach with One Core and she did a session with a few bloggers and New Beginnings Mums last June 25) on … Continue reading

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