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Say NO! to Plastic Bottled Water

Recently, I came across the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Plastic Free Philippines, the ones who also started the hashtag #AyokoNgPlastic on twitter.  Last July 3, they declared it No to Plastic Bags day.  But I think we shouldn’t stop at plastic bags, we should also extend it to plastic bottles, including those containers that we have our water delivered … Continue reading

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It Takes Up to 3L of Water to Manufacture 1L of Bottled Water

What a waste!  According to some estimates, it takes up to 3L of water to manufacture 1L of bottled water.  This, plus liters of petroleum used to produce the PET bottles, bulk of which are not recycled; liters of gasoline to transport the bottled water products; and the health risks that come with drinking from plastic, are major reasons why … Continue reading

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Why I Stopped Drinking Bottled Water (and a Side Story on Japan’s Clean Water)

After starting Aquasana in the Philippines, I have started to notice water quality wherever we travel.  To me, the cleanest water for bathing and drinking used to be Vancouver but that changed after our Japan visit.  Japan’s water was clean-smelling, clean-tasting (yes, I have begun to notice the smell and taste of chlorine and lead already), and had a clean … Continue reading

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There’s Something In The Bottled Water

In college, we took a field trip to a sugar cane plant for one of our manufacturing courses.  Because I was a nerd, I wanted to be in front so I could listen closely to every word the plant boss said.  He showed us the tank, where the canes were converted to sugar cane juice, which led down to a … Continue reading

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