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“Let It Go” is OC Therapy

I’ve seen so many FB posts of parents complaining of having LSS (the definition of which is actually in the Urban Dictionary!) from Let It Go, almost 2 months after seeing the movie Frozen.  The song really just sticks to our hippocampus (what a geek). However, when I listen to the lyrics and match it with the #BetterMe lessons from Coach … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Making Our Kids Feel Special and Loved

Last year, I started my Quaker Supermom goals for a healthy home environment.  My initial steps were on food and healthy fuel for our bodies. However, I think I should have started with the most important aspect of a healthy life — the emotional fuel. For this goal, I am pretty lucky that I got a chance to reconnect with childhood … Continue reading

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Getting OC About A Healthy Home Environment

I wrote a blog post before on the different types of OC.  I do not claim to be OC on every aspect of my life.  I’m more of the germ-o-phobe, Contagion-stressing OC.  However, as I blogged more about my odd thoughts, my introspection served as my therapy.  I came to realize that I have been stressing too much about the … Continue reading

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