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60% of Home Water Consumption is Done in Your Bathroom

According to National Geographic’s Green Guide, the bathroom is where 60% of water used indoors is consumed. Here’s an interesting video on conserving water in your bathroom where some of the tips are already being practiced by OCMOMinManila’s blog readers.  (Yay for you!  I reserve the right to copy the tips you submitted.) Another tip on “saving” water: Use organic … Continue reading

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Don’t Clog the Toilet

My friend J asked me to take a photo of this sign in the Cafe Juanita Burgos Circle washroom.  Sorry for the bad photo.  It was dark in there and I was hurrying to get out because I was in fear of taking out my phone in the toilet again (yes, story of my life). I love the way they … Continue reading

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O.C. Mini Me

My DH accidentally left the toilet seat up in the guest bathroom last night. (In his defense, he’s done this less than 10x in the last 5 years).  This morning, when my 3-year old DD went in to pee, she said “Dada forgot to put down the toilet seat again” (she said “again” in an exasperated tone), then she got … Continue reading

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