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Starting Out with Cloth Diapers

I’m fortunate to have so many generous business owner friends who have given me such nice stuff with the new baby.  One of them is Jen Tan of Next9Baby who gave me a pack of cloth diapers. When I gave birth 4 years ago, the only cloth diapers available were the cloth diapers with velcro.  I hardly used those because … Continue reading

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Only the Mildest Water for My Baby

Before going home, the pedia gave us instructions in the hospital on bathing and cleaning the baby.  She advised not to use ordinary soap (or those wipes you can just buy in the drugstore for cheap) as the baby’s skin is still very thin and sensitive. Only water should be used.  However, because I am familiar what lies in our … Continue reading

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DIY Halloween Costume Part 2: N as an iPod

It’s very hard to come up with costume ideas for babies.  Our N is only 7 weeks old and I had to make sure the costume would be: cool enough so as not make her overheat; easily removable in case she got fussy; physically flexible and sturdy (given her flailing arms and legs); and cute. I wanted to pay tribute … Continue reading

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