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“Let It Go” is OC Therapy

I’ve seen so many FB posts of parents complaining of having LSS (the definition of which is actually in the Urban Dictionary!) from Let It Go, almost 2 months after seeing the movie Frozen.  The song really just sticks to our hippocampus (what a geek). However, when I listen to the lyrics and match it with the #BetterMe lessons from Coach … Continue reading

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Public Enemy Number 2

When you’re waiting outside a public bathroom door (especially a unisex one!!), do you ever think about what the person in it is doing?  What if he’s pooping??? Whenever that thought pops (poops) into my head, I try to banish it immediately because thinking about it will just make me go crazy.  CRAZZZZZYYYYYY!!! What keeps me sane? My ammunition: finger … Continue reading

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Self-Improvement Task #2: I Will Relax

Hey, it’s day 2 of my self-improvement challenge and here’s a confession (man, now I realize I have to actually bare my soul in this), I can get pretty uptight.  Well, OC, in a way, does equal uptight, right?  I have always had the tendency to nitpick — advertising copy, someone’s grammar, restaurant service, the bathroom ledge in Magnolia.  There is … Continue reading

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