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Is Paper Really More Eco-Friendly?

More and more cities in the Philippines are banning the use of plastic.  In Pasig, I’ve experienced getting paper bags from Watsons in Hypermart and KFC.  The question is though, is it really more eco-friendly?  Yes, plastic bags are terrible because of all the toxic chemicals it requires for manufacturing and at the same time, all the non-biodregadable garbage it … Continue reading

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A Lesson on Sincere Customer Service from Metro Walk

I have this friend, let’s call him Fred* (*name withheld for obvious reasons), who buys DVDs from Metro Walk.  When new stocks arrive, Fred* gets a text from the seller to come by.  Fred* gets discounts on every purchase.  The seller lets Fred* know if it’s a good copy or a bad copy while he’s buying.  And if it so … Continue reading

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Food Discrimination

In my younger years, I was very picky with food.  Because I went to UP Diliman for college, I started experimenting (food-wise) and tried a lot of food for the first time — sisig (KKK and Trellis on Kalayaan!), ox brain (in the International Center), CASAA (where every meal is an experiment), and eating in eat-all-you-can-rice establishments way before Mang Inasal started it.  What I … Continue reading

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Beware The Serial Kissers

In a previous post, I mentioned that I am anti-kissing for my kids (ie I don’t like people kissing my kids esp. if they have even the slightest cold) because it is a possible way to pass on infections to them.  Aside from the physical consequences, an article I read on Babble stated an opinion that asking a small child to kiss others … Continue reading

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