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The horrifying things that happen to me

Public Enemy Number 2

When you’re waiting outside a public bathroom door (especially a unisex one!!), do you ever think about what the person in it is doing?  What if he’s pooping??? Whenever that thought pops (poops) into my head, I try to banish it immediately because thinking about it will just make me go crazy.  CRAZZZZZYYYYYY!!! What keeps me sane? My ammunition: finger … Continue reading

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A Bacteria Billboard for Contagion

This is the grossest but one of the most creative billboard executions I’ve seen in a while.  I wouldn’t go too near that window if I were them. I’ve got to see this movie. (Thank you to my FB friend Tom Estrera for the link.) ©OCMominManila

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2011 Dirtiest Hotels by Trip Advisor

Whenever I walk into a hotel room, I am armed with my BAND-AID 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (only the 70% alcohol can kill 99.99% of viruses).  The first thing I do before unpacking is spray and wipe everything that has most likely been touched by the previous guest — door knobs, light switches, remote control devices, telephones, faucet and shower handles. … Continue reading

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The Worst Thing that Can Happen to OCMom

I knew it; I shouldn’t have done it.  I knew karma would bite me in the butt because of my previous post.  Well yesterday, it DID (almost literally)!! I was getting my hair colored and cut (by OC hairstylist Cherry Reyes — more on a future non-gross post) in Essensuals Toni & Guy in  Mega Mall.  After 2.5 hours, I … Continue reading

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