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My research on health trends and new discoveries particularly on water and chemicals.

Plastic-Bottled Water – Blech

I remember being in a flight where I had to buy plastic-bottled water (lest I die from dehydration on the plane) and when I tasted it, my gosh it was so awful.  It tasted like it was expired!! Can water expire??  It was Philippine-bottled but we were coming from Osaka so I’m not sure what the factors were – was … Continue reading

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Know Your Medicine Manufacturer: Why I Prefer Branded Over Generic

Nerd Confession: I like plant tours.  I like understanding where the products I use come from, how they’re made, what measures are taken to ensure they’re safe and how OC the industrial engineers were in developing processes and making sure checks and balances are in place to prevent mistakes.  When Unilab invited a few bloggers to visit their Amherst plant … Continue reading

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Why I Trust Johnson’s Baby

I mentioned in a previous post that one of the best employers I’ve had was Johnson and Johnson.  Previous to J&J, I never had an emotional connection to an employer.  There was a glimmer of hope in my first job but after just 5 months, the dream company had merged with a big, bureaucratic, hierarchy-obsessed bank and my dreams were … Continue reading

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