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My research on health trends and new discoveries particularly on water and chemicals.

Convection Oven Vs. Air Fryer

One of my Quaker Supermoms goals was to be more healthy with what we put in our bodies.  One of the ways we worked towards that goal was with the way we cooked our food.  From frying with cooking oil, we moved to using a Cuisinart convection oven or a Philips Air Fryer. Some friends have asked me for reviews … Continue reading

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The 4-Minute Workout

Because of the goals asked of us as Quaker Supermoms (parang napasubo ata ako … but in a good way!), I’ve really taken my health seriously in the last few months.  Part of this is to make sure I work out and keep fit.  Now, being a mom, I feel like I can rationalize my not working out by giving the classic … Continue reading

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Vaccinate So Kids Can PLAY

You hardly see small babies (weeks or a couple of months old) outside in public places.  I would always hear from the moms and lolas “Naku, hindi pa nababakunahan, wag muna ilabas.”  Rightly so!  In our age of SARS, H1N1 and other scary respiratory diseases (yes, Contagion is in my movie playlist), you can never be too careful especially with … Continue reading

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