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Tools, gadgets, downloadables, checklists and what have you that help me become sane.

Goodbye Walis!

Who remembers that ad “Goodbye bunot, hello Pronto?”?  Amazing how it’s stuck to my brain.  I used to do a lot of household chores as a member of my mother’s household — walis (tambo and tingting), bunot, floor polishing (think of that giant round thing those janitors push around in hotel lobbies) the marble, scrubbing the pebble wash out … … Continue reading

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One Notebook to Rule Them All: OC Mom’s Version of the Bullet Journal

I have so many notebooks. At some point, I had one for each category of my life — for the home and the kids, for work, a Starbucks planner, a travel journal.  Was I stuck in grade school/ high school where one had to have a separate notebook per subject?  At the same time, I still kept notes on my … Continue reading

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