Why I Use the Unionbank CashBack Mastercard on Practically Everything

I’ve had my Unionback CashBack Mastercard for almost 2 months now and seriously, I’ve used it on everything.  I’ve used it so much that I’ve gotten calls from the Unionbank Cards Head Office to validate if I really used the card 5x in one day, several days in a week.

The places I’ve used my Unionbank Cashback Mastercard for the last 2 months — this is probably only half of it

Here are the main reasons why I love to have it swiped:

  1. It gives me rebates on EVERYTHING. There are cards that just give rebates on gas, groceries, medicine. The Unionbank CashBack does not have restrictions on giving rebates on EVERY SWIPE.
  2. There are NO MINIMUM SPENDS. There is no fine print or requirement on a minimum monthly spend to get a rebate. Other rebate cards require you to spend P10,000 minimum on non-essentials, non-Meralco, non-supermarket.
  3. There are NO REBATE CAPS. There is no maximum monthly rebate they give out. Another card will claim to give 10% rebate but give a maximum monthly rebate of P1,000, regardless if you spend more than 10,000 on your card.

EXAMPLE: There is this card that offers to give up to 10% rebate on this drugstore and several hospitals. Last year, my mom broke her leg and she paid Php 400,000 for the surgery and the hospital bills. Although that other credit card says it will give a 10% rebate, it’s not going to give me back Php 40,000. Because of their maximum cap, they will only rebate Php 1,000 for that purchase. That’s just 0.25%. If I had a Unionbank CashBack Mastercard then, I would have gotten back Php 6,000 on that transaction (Darn!).

  1. I’ll take a cash rebate over chicken meals or coffee. Some cards offer instant reward promotions — free Starbucks or Jollibee Chickenjoy — when you compute the conversion, it’s pretty big. You can actually get around 3% with the reward they give. However, you have to keep the receipts and redeem within a certain period only. If you compute your card purchases vs. these rewards over the span of the year, you’d still get more with a 1.5% cash rebate.
  2. I’ll take a cash rebate over rewards. I haven’t redeemed the rewards for my other card because I’m always aiming for the big rewards.

For my 40th birthday, I was thinking of staying in Makati Shangrila overnight using my points and here’s how I computed the conversion (NERD ALERT!):

Wow, my head almost exploded. My computation seems right but all that converting from one thing to another thing, it’s just … just confusing!  And at the end of it all 0.29% is far from 1.5%  — 5x far behind.

7. I’ll take a cash rebate over miles which have a low conversion rate and have restrictions on redemption too.  (Oh please, don’t make me convert the miles!)

The Unionbank CashBack card gives me a simple 1.5% rebate on EVERYTHING. No complicated conversion formula, no fine print on where I’m supposed to spend my money, no “up-to”s.

It’s my new best friend.  At the rate I’m using this card, the chip will wear out within the year.

And just so you hear it from the horse’s mouth — the horse being myself — watch this video (of me! Gasp!) on the Unionbank CashBack.

*Everything I said on this video was a personal review based on how I’ve been using the card. I wasn’t given a script by Unionbank or their agency.


To apply for your Unionbank Cashback card, just do any of the ff:

  • Fill out an online application form from http://unionbankph.com/personal/credit-cards/apply- now
  • Download application form and fax it to (02) 636-6256
  • Visit your nearest UnionBank branch
  • For more information, call their Customer Service Hotline at +632 8418600 or Domestic Toll Free 1-800-1888-2277.


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