How M and I Made Her Lego Friends Costume Together

The SoMoms have been doing #BetterTogether projects in collaboration with Oreo and we’ve been having a lot of fun with our kids during these activities.  Part of the fun is keeping memories of the activities we do together with our kids in the Do It Together app of Oreo.


Probably the most app-worthy and one of the most awaited #BetterTogether activities for me and my kids every year is making their Halloween DIY costumes.  First up is M.  Here is how we worked to come up with her 2014 Halloween costume:

1. She came up with the concept.  (Well, with some partial steering.)

Like 10 million other girls in the world, she wanted to be Anna from Frozen (the other 50 million girls wanted to be Elsa).  However, I worked my inception ways on her and steered her away from something which I was incapable of conjuring.  So, she said, she would be Olivia from Lego Friends, her other obsession for the year.


I was actually pretty relieved because it was a very simple costume.  However, like anything DIY, there were still challenges (which is what I like about the DIY process).

2. We hunted.

  • We went to SM Mega Mall Department Store and hunted for a purple skirt and a pink shirt with hearts.  (If we couldn’t find a shirt with hearts, I would sew them on.  Luckily we did!).  She approved the purchases.
  • Total cost = P400, paid for with SM Rewards points (earned from purely gassing up at Shell)!

3. We agreed on the shoes.  

  • She chose Chooze mary janes which are really cute!

4. We decided to add Lego details to the overly simple outfit.

  • M chose some purple Duplo pieces to serve as pockets, a pink rectangular piece for a belt buckle and a blue flower as an accent.  I sewed them onto the skirt.  The round Duplo connectors served as the grooves where the thread gripped the pieces.
  • Then, I sewed on an Olivia piece as a brooch.

5. We made accessories.

  • I got her a pink headband in Mothercare then sewed on other Dora Duplo pieces onto it.
  • While I sewed, she worked on a Duplo bag, which can hold her Lego compact and a Lego iPhone made by her dad.

6. We enlisted the help of Dada.

What gadget would Olivia have?  Well, a Lego iPhone of course!  Dada made an iPhone from regular Lego pieces.  It even had a headphone jack and charger pins.  So cool!  He also had to make one for N, who would not let go of Ate’s iPhone all night.  This is an amazing toy, by the way because N kept pretend-playing with it.

Outfit and accessories + Duplo Embellishments + Needle and Thread + Duplo and Lego gadgets and bag + Mama + M = DIY Olivia

It was a really simple costume but the overall effect was pretty cool (if I may say so myself … and I just did).  M said some Kinder students knew she was a Lego Friend.  If you put her side by side with the Lego Olivia and the cartoon Olivia, she actually looks like them, minus the gigantic head.

Photo of M by Aldwin Ku

Though much simpler compared to previous years, what made this process really fun was collaborating with M on what she liked to be (ok, ok, with tweaking) and working with her on the costume itself.  I think she really enjoyed coming up with ideas on creating the accessories and embellishing the simple garments.  I know she was happy and proud of our work, more for this costume than any other Halloween costume in the past.

Tomorrow, I post about how N and I did her DIY Halloween costume together!  That was another fun project.

Find out what other moms and kids are doing together by checking out the Oreo Asia site or searching #oreo or #oreodit on Facebook, IG or Twitter.  You can also  create your own #BetterTogether activities with your kids and store them in the Oreo Do It Together app.  Download it here.


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