11 Responses to The 8 Things I Do for Me Time

  1. ceemee says:

    Hello! I want to know if I can have Dr. Skip’s number.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Ceemee!! I am so so sorry. I just saw your comment now! Email me your mobile and I’ll have him call you. ocmominmanila (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. jennifer chua says:

    hi! i’m curious about the better me sessions and would like to attend one.. but kinda shy and don’t know if it’s open to the public. but i’ve read your blogs about it (pati with the other so moms) and they’re very educational. so i saw your post now and said to email you if we want to be invited to attend. so nice of you to offer! i would like to be one of those lucky ones. thanks!

  3. Ceena says:

    Your ME TIME are kinda magastos ha, ocmominmanila! But I love them! :) I think mine would include your occasional spas and massages, mani-pedi sessions and going to the gym. I’m also anticipating that watching movies and hanging out with my girl friends would lessen once I give birth. I just wonder at what time after having your baby were you able to actually have your ME TIME? I’m due with our first baby this December and I can only imagine the BIG changes that are going to happen!

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Congrats on the December baby! Do you really want to know when I had my me time after my first daughter?? Haha, I think it was 6 months??? But I was overly controlling and I hands on. I was more relaxed with my second, as most moms normally are. So my tip to you — when you feel like you want to do everything or feel like you’re the only one who can do everything, STOP, BREATHE and ASK FOR HELP. And go have your me time as soon as you can. :)

  4. Audric's Mom says:

    Wow. You got a lot of me-time activities! :) How much is the Lipo Smash at Aesthetic Science? Is it really effective?

    • ocmominmanila says:

      It was on promo so 10k for 10 sessions. I felt it worked on me but while I was doing it, I was also working out and I stopped eating rice so I cannot isolate the factors. Then a month later I went on vacation to Vancouver and a cruise to Alaska where I gained back all the pounds and inches I worked hard for!! :)

  5. Dessa says:

    May I also have Dr. Skip’s number please? Thank you!

  6. Janna says:

    Hi! I wanna know the doctor’s number too for myotherapy

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