8 Responses to How Dirty is Your Air Conditioner?

  1. Kaye Catral says:

    I clean out our aircon filter every Sunday! I also brush the grills inside. Kadiri e! HORROR talaga. Plus my kids have allergic rhinitis, so I have to do this or else.

  2. Didi says:

    We clean out the filters every week too! Split type siya BUT wala masyadong use eh.. We just had our AC’s cleaned 2 weeks ago and HORRORS when you see how dirty the water is!! SCARY talaga!!!!!!!!

  3. Frances says:

    Thanks for this post Kris! Very timely. I contacted RMC already. :)

  4. April Garcia says:

    Wow. So this must be the reason why our aircon is broken. Thanks for this tip! :)

  5. Ay nako, one of the things I fail to be OC about: cleaning the AC! Umaabot kami ng 1 year of not cleaning it. Inaatay pa talaga na parang hindi na lumalamig ng tama yung aircon. Hay! We just got our ACs cleaned two weeks ago and they were DIRRRRTY! As in sabi nung naglilinis samin, “Ma’am ngayon ko lang nakitang ganito kadumi yung unit!”. Ay sorry naman, Kuya! >.<

  6. I used to use 3M Filtrete also in Jakarta because I have problem with my allergies and asthma. But there was no indicator. I can’t believe how black it turned! Que horror talaga!

    P.S. I know not having an AC is better for the environment but what I would give for an air conditioner at home right now! It’s not nice when the weather goes 30-39 degrees without aircon.

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