San Francisco Starts the Ban on Plastic Water Bottles

Woohoo!! SFO has started a ban on selling water bottles on city property and they are working on a ban on using city funds to purchase bottled water.

My Snapware filled with Aquasana water comes with me everywhere.

My Snapware filled with Aquasana water comes with me everywhere.

Here’s the article from Reuters.

It’s gutsy move for a big city in the US where the bottled water industry is probably worth millions.  It’s also an admirable and responsible move knowing that water in plastic bottles don’t just produce unnecessary trash, they cost so much money and the perception of bottled water being healthier is just not true.  (I wrote about some bottled water research here and here .)

Hopefully, other states and countries will follow and Manila will be pressured to join the bandwagon.  A few years ago, Senator Pia Cayetano made the senate stop serving bottled water during hearings and meetings (Thanks Senator Pia!) so  there is hope.

So starting now, practice filtering your own water and bringing your own reusable water bottle with you because soon those single-use bottled water products will be phased out just like the plastic bags in stores (well, I’m hoping they will be).  Let’s just hope someone doesn’t propose paper bottles!!

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