The 4-Minute Workout

Because of the goals asked of us as Quaker Supermoms (parang napasubo ata ako … but in a good way!), I’ve really taken my health seriously in the last few months.  Part of this is to make sure I work out and keep fit.  Now, being a mom, I feel like I can rationalize my not working out by giving the classic excuse that I’m too busy with the kids and the home.  However, it’s really not an excuse.  If I can FB or IG for part of the day, I should be able to make time for a workout.

And so, my triathlete husband sends me a link to a no-excuse 4-minute workout on YouTube.  4 minutes!!  That’s just about the same time as playing “Let It Go“.  So really, there is no hiding from it.  We can do this!!

I actually tried this once but the 2yo kept following me and wanting me to carry her that it was useless.  (Excuse # 23!)  I must go back to (attempting) to do it everyday!

OK, if you really can’t do it, try an alternative route — copy the dance moves of the opening and closing numbers of Hi5.  It’s just like Zumba!  (Remember to engage your core!)  Hi5 comes out on Disney channel everyday at 8:30, 10:30 and 6pm so wait for it!  You can work out 6 times a day … and you can do it with your kids.

This one’s for you Manila Mommy.


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4 Responses to The 4-Minute Workout

  1. Jackie Go says:

    Nyahahaha. Memorize ko na lahat ng opening and closing songs ng Hi5! I have an excuse na pala ‘coz I am working out! 😀

  2. Kaye Catral says:

    I’ve been doing the 4-minute workout, plus extra Burpees! I suppose that Robot No. 1 song will be great exercise din. Haha! And yes, RL does the whole 4-minute routine with me, too! He finds it funny that mommy’s “exercising”. Nyaha!

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