Our OC Eating Out Habits with the Kids

My Tomas Morato resto favorites post made me really hungry and it also reminded me about certain habits I have when eating out, especially with the kids:

♣ Calling Ahead. I have Cibo, Pancake House, Kimono Ken, Ryu on my contact list Favorites.  Ten minutes before we get to the mall or restaurant, I call our resto choice to order ahead so that when we get there, the food will be ready.  No more M complaining that she’s hungry or bored.

Hygiene.  I don’t think I need to explain further.  Just the thought of M touching the escalator before touching her food is enough to make me whip out the Johnson’s Baby Wipes.  I like the pink one without the scent.  Yes, it’s more expensive but it doesn’t dry our skin.  I prefer Johnson’s Baby wipes over alcohol, sanitizers, antibacterial sprays.  I am not a fan of triclosan (present in most commercial antibacterial products) and spraying the kids with chemicals. The Johnson’s Baby Wipes, I feel, clean better and more thoroughly, especially in between the fingernails. (If it can clean away poop, it’s good!)


Eating Tools. I prefer knowing that what they’re eating from is clean so we bring the girls their own bowls and utensils. (The lucky restaurants have less to wash!)  The great thing about storage containers with covers is you can take out the food if they didn’t finish it, without having to put it in styro or unsafe and unsustainable plastic.

We use Oxo fod storage containers with covers and utensils.  They were gifts from before.  I think Rustan's has them.

We use Oxo fod storage containers with covers and utensils. They were gifts from before. I’ve seen them in Rustan’s.

Water.  Of course, water is a major concern for me so we always bring them Aquasana in stainless steel bottles.  I actually ask the waitresses not to bring the kids water anymore because they find it so novel to drink from a glass in a restaurant and more often prefer that instead (haha).

In my case, I always bring my glass bottle. Snapware gave this to me last year and I’ve been using it since.  It uses borosilicate glass — and it’s supposedly stain, shatter and odor resistant — and so far the claims are verified.  It also comes with its own silicone sleeve.  I love it because it’s very light even if it’s glass!  It’s also much easier to clean than my Starbucks glass bottle with a silicone sleeve.  In  case  the bottle breaks, Raffles (the company that distributes it) will replace your Snapware at 50% off!  So cool.  I’m getting the girls the small version of this.

My Snapware filled with Aquasana water comes with me everywhere.

My Snapware filled with Aquasana water comes with me everywhere.

♣ Paying the bill.  My friend Fiona gave me a useful tip: Pay right after you order so you can get the waiting time out of the way.  When you have kids, you know that they get antsy when they’re done eating.  They’d want to go to the toy store or walk around so removing this step is a great time and stress-saver.

♣ Stain Removal.  We hardly bring bibs anymore because N refuses to wear one.  Thus, we bring Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover with us instead and put it on her stained clothes after she eats.  The problem is when she refuses to remove her stained clothes.  :)

I use my own pen when signing the charge slip.  (Haha, kailangan pa bang sabihin?)

Do you have your own OC habits when eating out with your kids?


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6 Responses to Our OC Eating Out Habits with the Kids

  1. ang galing mo. can the kids come with you when you eat out hahaha 😛

  2. Didi says:

    I bring disinfecting wipes and wipe the high chairs and tables!
    When I’ve run out of those wipes, I bring my diluted Lysol hospital grade solution (in a spritzer) and spray and wipe!

    At ang ballpen – AGREE!! hahahaha… :)

  3. I also don’t like using antibacterial wipes basta-basta! I prefer Huggies Nature Care, try mo! It doesn’t have scent also. Downside lang is we buy the really big box of it sa S&R kasi that specific one (the one without Aloe — which gives off a scent rin) only comes in big boxes. Lucky lang when S&R sells those travel packs which I see rarely.

    Nako, super OC rin ako when eating out. I spray alcohol and wipe down high chairs. We bring these tabletoppers na we stick on the table in front of Jacob when I know it’s going to be a long dinner. Keeps him entertained because it Lightning McQueen on it!

    And YES to bringing our own pen when signing for the bill. I always do, kahit sa grocery! Yoko ngang gamitin yang sa public. ;P

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