“Let It Go” is OC Therapy

I’ve seen so many FB posts of parents complaining of having LSS (the definition of which is actually in the Urban Dictionary!) from Let It Go, almost 2 months after seeing the movie Frozen.  The song really just sticks to our hippocampus (what a geek).

However, when I listen to the lyrics and match it with the #BetterMe lessons from Coach Pia, it actually makes sense.  It’s speaking to me about my OC ways.  Here are the lyrics along with the things that go on in my head.

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see (That the back of my refrigerator hasn’t been cleaned ever)
Be the good girl you always have to be (Perfect is the expectation)
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know (That that cushion has some ube ice cream that N spilled from yesterday and can’t be removed.)
Well now they know (Did my husband Instagram something??)

Let it go (Play Doh colors mixed together) let it go (You forgot N’s bowl and spoon at home.)

Can’t hold it back any more (Sorry, I really can’t stand the wrong grammar of that billboard on EDSA!)

Let it go (M touched the escalator handle) let it go (the car seat has crumbs)
Turn away and slam the door (I don’t want to see those toys sorted in the wrong bins)
I don’t care what they’re going to say (Well, I’m really my biggest critic)
Let the storm rage on (Everyday I tell ya)
The cold never bothered me anyway (Cold, who has a cold?)

I’m not making fun of OCD, really, and sometimes, I do think I have it (do I Polly??) but these are actual things that I think of and humor is my way of coping.  Seriously though, in one of our sessions, Coach Pia said we have to let go of things that deplete our energy — energy that could have gone to our children.  More often than not, I admit that being OC makes me lose sight of the big picture.  Focusing on perfecting details gives me a lot of stress, some of which are directed at the kids.

So I’m glad I’ve been having #BetterMe sessions, in line with my Quaker Supermoms goal of emotional health, because they are my OC therapy (A year from now, I might have to change my blog name!) and I’d have to thank Idina Menzel for implanting that mp3 in my head to remind me to …

Let it go, let it go
And I’ll rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand
In the light of day
Let the storm rage on
The cold never bothered me anyway!

I’m still bothered by people who have colds though :)

To end, I’ll leave you with this Beki version to help change your LSS to some other lyrics.


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2 Responses to “Let It Go” is OC Therapy

  1. ceemee says:

    So funny the beki version! Although di ko gets and meaning for the most parts. 😀 Let It Go applies to many people, I believe, in different ways. :-)

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