17 Responses to Our 7 Regular Restaurant Haunts Around Tomas Morato

  1. Yes I agree about not trying out the restos close to your house haha we just tried out UP Town Center last week eh isang tumbling lang yun from the village.

    I love this list! I want to go back to Ombu 😀

  2. Kaye Catral says:

    There’s a Via Mare on Panay Avenue, next to National. Parking is a problem though, but it’s a new place.

  3. Didi says:

    Haven’t tried OMBU yet, but looks good from all of your posts!! :)

    As for me, my go to restaurant in T.Morato are Chili’s (favorite eh) and Mesa. Mesa is a good alternative to Romulo’s :) Steveston’s is yummy is you like pizza (like me!!) Love love love Kozui for their Green Tea stuffs.. :) I super like Relish too! Nice interiors and good customer service! :)

    Try Lola’s Cafe its nearby Max’s Fried Chicken…

    Oh! And Everyday Mom’s Mocha cupcake – super sarap!! :)

    For a more affordable meal – Chocolate Kiss Cafe along A.Roces!! :)

  4. Kaye Catral says:

    Try Wangfu and Yoogane, both in Il Terrazo. There’s a bigger WangFu though where Teriyaki Boy used to be (corner of Tomas and Roces).

  5. Ango says:

    Kris, if you are into Korean, try Chung Mi Rae across Shell station in Timog. It’s not fancy, pero sa ban chan pa lang busog na. Their one and only cook, I presume is also the owner- a charming Korean lady. Manchu hand-pulled noodles along Timog as well is reliable too.

  6. Jenny says:

    I heard that our favorite King One shabu-shabu is opening in Tomas Morato!! You should eat there 😀 the best shabu-shabu!!

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