Starbucks-Themed DIY Halloween

I’ve always done DIY costumes for the girls.  M was Shrek, Yoda, Annie, Woody, Rapunzel and Izzy of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  At 1.5 months, we made N an iPod.  Last year, the sisters went as Lalaloopsy sisters – Mittens Fluff n’ Stuff and Bundles Snuggle Stuff.

This year, 10 days before before Halloween (in the Philippines, we have trick or treat a week before), I had no costumes for the girls.  I was ready to throw in the towel and order ready-to-wear costumes and then I stopped myself — I couldn’t give up now!!

I had been spending every day at the Medical City branch of Starbucks (my dad was confined for a bypass) and inspiration struck — they were selling kiddie sizes of the barista apron — and I figured kiddie baristas would be cute, original and easy to pull off.  So I bought 2 aprons (in different sizes too!).

A few days later, I couldn’t shake off this feeling that I was not pushing myself enough (damned creative conscience) so I researched some pegs and Google came up with these.

It was just too cute and challenging.  I started gathering the materials.

The Materials.

The fabrics I got from this fabric shop in Shoppesville (not Fabric Warehouse).  The wire was from True Value (why they don’t have coated wire, I don’t know).  The bias tape was from Carolina’s in V-Mall Greenhills.  Everything else was from the house.

The Foundation.

I used the Santi’s eco bag as a foundation for the outfit because #1, it’s the right color (haha) and #2,  I don’t know how to sew anything decent.  So I just turned over the bag, put arm and neck holes and cut off the handles – voila.

The Body.

The measurement of the bag was essentially the measurement of the fabric.  I just made the suede fabric a little longer.  Because she was supposed to be a frap in a cup, I had to make the bottom part smaller.  To be accurate, I measured the circumference of the top and bottom of a real Starbucks cup (the formula for circumference is 2πr).  The tapering was achieved by just using double adhesive tape (the less I sew the better).

The Unnecessary Step.

Initially, I put wire on the top part and looped it through a thin fold I had made.  It made the top rounder  but it also made it heavy.  It was also a hazard because it could poke N sharply — so after working on that part really long, I decided to throw out the wire option for the top.  I still kept it for the bottom.

The HP printer is my friend.

I googled some logos and printed some images on sticker paper using the printer, including caramel strips.

I stuck them onto the fabric but still reinforced with double adhesive.

The Whipped Cream.

To create whipped cream, I made ruffles from the chiffon strips by basting and pulling to make ruffles.  I attached the ruffles to a Gingersnaps ruffled necklace of M.

The Hat.

For the hat/ extension of the whipped cream, I used an old fascinator.  I took out the feathers and replaced that with chiffon again.  I sewed the ruffles onto the hat.

The Straw.

I put green sticker on a toilet paper roll to make a straw and sewed that onto the fascinator base, as well, so it would stand (use a thimble!).

Originally, I used the caramel sticker strips as piping for the ruffles but it kept falling off.  By trick or treat #2, we had bias tape as piping.  The bias tape was peach so I used brown crayon to make it more caramel-y.

The Details.

As a final touch, I added more strips of green on the cup, even if it’s really not that accurate (creative license!).  Then I put the checklist for the baristas.  For shots, I put “MMR”.  Only mothers and pediatricians would get that one, I think.

The Iterations.

And here is the final product … well, shall I say products because there were alterations along the way.  After model fitting, I thought the ruffles were too big so I cut them and added the caramel sticker piping.  However, it seemed like the thicker one was cuter, so at trick or treat #2, I used the bias tape for piping and added another layer of ruffles.

The Frappuccino is Nothing Without a Barista.

Ate was all game in her simple barista costume with matching name tag.

Both girls had fun and as we went around the village, the teenagers were all “oohs and ahhs” at them.  I can’t help saying they were both really cute.

Self 5 OC Mom!  I was so proud walking around with them and I think they were pretty proud of wearing their costumes too.  The little one didn’t even attempt to remove her costume the whole time (well, on trick or treat #1 at least).

Starbucks barista and caramel frappuccino costume:

Apron = P350

Fabric = P220

Bias Tape = P35

Wire (Useless) = P35

Sticker paper and Ink = P40

Total = P680

Man Hours = P12,000

Total Effect = Priceless

Till next year!  Happy Halloween.


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10 Responses to Starbucks-Themed DIY Halloween

  1. ceemee says:

    Ang galing mo, Ms. Kris! So sipag to DIY! Does N know what she is even though she doesn’t drink it? Or does she? Hehe!

  2. Chesca says:

    You are so creative, Kris!! Ang galing! And both girls looked happy so success diba!

  3. OMG you SO rock. This is why I love you K! Ang gaping gaping!!!! *claps*

  4. Natawa ako sa “man hours” … only clients and agencies would understand! Hahaha. I love this post! I didn’t realise this was a DIY!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Pwede bang mag order ng frap costume for D? Super cute!

  6. Louisa says:

    Just one word – wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. WanderWoMoM says:

    hi! when did you buy the star bucks apron? would love to buy one for this year’s halloween, looking for oen as early as now kasi. baka you’re destashing haha! i came across your blog while looking for SB barista costumes!

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