10 Responses to Shoe and Accessory Shopping on Social Media

  1. Yehey thank you for the feature, Kris!!! Yellow Bird Shoes because yellow is my favorite color. No special reason for the bird, it just goes so well with the yellow hehehe!

  2. mymommyology says:

    Uy! Kasama ba ako sa Piesa Christmas list?! Hahahaha.

  3. Jen CC Tan says:

    OMG!!! Those shoes are from Renegade Folk pala! The orange ones are so sexy! Are they — comfy?

  4. Jenny says:

    i hate you! i don’t like this post!… actually.. my wallet doesn’t like this post!

  5. Love this post! I am super hesitant to buy shoes online though because I have super wide feet and super arte ng paa ko.. I might love a brand, but depending on where the straps land, the sizing and comfort level can differ. Do these companies do exchanges? As if… hehe I am already imagining the companies I look forward to checking out when I get back to Manila!

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