Aquasanaman is Part of the Family

Aquasanaman is Mang Efren.  He is a superhero to Aquasana clients.  He delivers and installs Aquasana drinking, shower and whole house filters.  If your shower or faucet isn’t compatible on its own, he will find ways to make them compatible by flying to the nearest hardware store.  He is plumber, mechanic, logistics head and he has been around since Mika was in my tummy.  He was there in the hospital when both girls were born (even ahead of everyone else outside of Jake in our families!).  He is also a production assistant for GAMEPLAN TV (my husband’s web show revival of the most popular sports show in the 90’s).


At bedtime last night, N and I made a new rhyme based on Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See by Eric Carle. It went like this:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?  I see Dada looking at me.

Dada, Dada, what do you see?  I see Mama looking at me.

… and we go down the line Dada, Mama, M, N then N goes …

Efren, Efren, what do you see?


So cute!  And N said his name so clearly (without the Mang).


He is the man.  He is Aquasanaman.  Thank you Mang Ef for everything you do for us and the girls.

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3 Responses to Aquasanaman is Part of the Family

  1. cheekeegirl says:

    It’s still in my wish list. Aquasana still dreaming of you

  2. cheekeegirl says:

    Hi mommy! I saw you guesting in the show of Karotitay and found out your a distributor of aquasana products, I want to know if how much is that one complete set for the one to be installed in the sink? I’m from davao city. how much is the shipping fee and could we install it without any plumber’s assistance? thanks

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Oh, so in your first comment, you didn’t know? Awww, thanks!! I’ll have Jorica, my business manager email you :)

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