53 Benitez by Rockwell Primaries

We pass 53 Benitez everyday on our way out of Quezon City.  It’s at the corner of C. Benitez and P. Tuazon.  It used to be a big empty lot for trucks and buses — an eye sore really, until Rockwell Primaries came along.  Now, it just seems the area is brighter and prettier and for sure, the property value around it has gone up already.

53 Benitez on site (inset shows pop-up model unit in Powerplant)

Location.  Location.  Location.

53 Benitez is in the New Manila area but closer to EDSA.  It is just 3 minutes from EDSA, 5 minutes away from Santolan and around 7 minutes away from Ortigas Ave. (on non-school rush hours).  For schools, it’s probably only 2 kilometers away from Xavier and ICA.  Mall-wise, it’s 5 minutes away from Magnolia, 10 minutes from Greenhills, depending on traffic, and about 15 minutes from Trinoma.  (Just call me the Human Waze.)  Don’t forget, it’s also 1 minute away from Chocolate Lovers (who can forget that enchanted chocolate castle!).

A REALLY GOOD developer and a REALLY GOOD property manager.

In 2006, we decided to invest in one of the big real estate players on a project they were doing in The Fort (it was still called The Fort then not BGC).  Turnover was on time but there were so many issues.  The original plan was changed without them telling us (we were supposed to be a corner unit).  The unit had a leak and the developer was blaming it on the pool contractor.  It took them 6 months to fix the leak (and who knows if it won’t come back in the future?).  The property management was the lousiest I ever came across.  We sold our unit after a year at no profit because of the major frustrations we had … (but wait, there’s more!) … yet up to now, I am still getting emails from the property manager to pay the current month’s association dues.

This HORROR real estate story was the reason why we chose to invest in only 2 developers after that — one of them being Rockwell.  We put the money we got from the sale of our horror unit into The Grove by Rockwell.  Our unit turned over this year.  The units are the same as the original plans.  The materials used are of good quality.  The amenities are well-planned.  The property management so far has been good.  We’re very, very happy with our hard-earned Rockwell investment.

This makes me pretty confident that 53 Benitez will turn out great too.  They are selling only 2 types of units — the 2 bedroom, 63 sqm unit for about 6.2 million pesos, which is great considering it already includes a parking slot and a laundry area at the roof; and the 3 bedroom, 97 sqm unit with 2 parking slots for less than 10 million pesos.

The 53 Benitez On-Site Model Unit

These cuts are really perfect for small families.  Our own unit in The Grove is just 74sqm for a 2-bedroom.  I was anxious at the start about the size but if you think of it, it’s really practical! There’s less space to clean (and mess up) and you become more efficient.  Our plan is to maximize each space by using it day to night.  Hopefully, I can blog about that early next year.

I like that 53 Benitez is a mid-rise, going up to only 9 floors.  The community is also relatively smaller so it’s not congested.  Residents get a beautiful pool, gym, clubhouse and basic facilities like laundry and a convenience store.  Again, each unit has laundry areas at the roof deck (something we don’t have in The Grove!).

The Sample Amenities of 53 Benitez

What I like most about 53 Benitez are the floating corridors — these make the buildings more spacious and well-lit, allowing you to breathe better, even if you’re living in a building.  It actually reminds me of resort buildings — something like Shangrila Mactan or Discovery Shores in Boracay.  Check out the floating corridors and the whole walk through of 53 Benitez in this video:


I believe 53 Benitez is a great investment and a great place to actually live in.  It has my vote!  If you don’t have time to go to the site itself, you may visit the pop up model unit at the North Court of Rockwell Power Plant Mall until October 12, 2013.

Some photos I took of the Pop-Up Model Unit at Powerplant.  Visit, to see it up close.

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