Older Sisters Get First Dibs

For ease of understanding this post:
M – is my 6yo daughter
N – is my daughter turning 2yo
C – is my 7yo niece

When my girls visit the house of their cousin C, the latter doesn’t want to let N into her room. I completely understand because N wreaks havoc whenever she enters the neat room and C is really a mini-OC like her dad.

On these instances, my M tries to suck up to her older cousin and reinforces the No Entry rule by shouting, “Don’t come in the room N!! Nooooooooo!”

C has every right not to let anyone in her room but for M to be the little choo-choo that she is and rub it in for N was heartbreaking.  (Of course, I think I was more affected by M’s actions to N.  N really didn’t seem to care.)

So, I had a little heart to heart talk with M.

ME: M, N is your sister. You can’t be the one to keep her out of the room.  It’s important for you to be on her side.  And it’s even more important when you grow older and you and N go to school together.   You can’t let anyone hurt N.  Not anyone.

M: (Long Pause) So only I can be mean to her?

Are all first-borns like this?


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3 Responses to Older Sisters Get First Dibs

  1. mariz says:

    sooo cute!!! hahaha!! sad to say, OC-mom, YES! at least in my case and belief, first-borns are like this. like your children, me and my sister are the only kids of our parents, both girls and born 4 years apart. let me tell you, expect more grief up ahead with two feisty daughters in the coming years, especially in the ages 8/4 to 12/8 of your lovelies!! there may be hair-pullings and day long screamfests up ahead.

    but having said that, let me assure you that all will be great. glad to know that your eldest clarified with you about being the only one licensed to be mean or bully the youngest. she will take it to mean that no one else will have the right to do so, and will defend her sister with the littlest of imagined slight from anyone. growing up, i may have had lots of friends, but the one i always run to is my sister, and the same goes for her. they will be each other’s best ally (and off-topic, a chinese friend of mine said that our birth years are the best combination, because our signs are the allies/friends — it could be true for your girls too!)

    loved this post; and also your blog. looking forward to your other entries! :)

  2. mymommyology says:

    Hmmm. Maybe? Haha. But what did you say?!

  3. My answer is yes haha 😛 I’m a firstborn choo choo ate but I have brothers though so the more I say no, the more they insist because they’re tuso like that.

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