2 Responses to An Emotional Financial Planning Session

  1. When I started thinking about your question on money memory, my throat sort of got constricted because it makes me think of my lola, who raised me instead of my mom. I can see why the So Moms became very emotional. And I loved how it was pointed out the connection between Financial IQ and family values. It’s something we all know, but the way it was said brings it down from something abstract to real practical terms. I loved your post and even if I’m not ready to share my reflections right now, I am grateful that you made me reflect. It’s something that really resounded with me because TD and I have been putting off doing our Berlin budget. And I think it’s because it stresses us out. Just less than 2 years of our posting abroad and then we will have to go back to the Philippines wherein our income will be reduced to like less than 1/4 of what is is abroad. But we really should get to it, planning and everything, before it’s “too late.” Great insightful and though provoking post! (I agree with you on the Napoles point!)

  2. Karen Lopez says:

    Hi mommy Fleur, I’m mommy Karen of MOMtrepreneur Shop and also a Unit Head for AXA Philippines. What got me into this biz is after attending one of these seminars, I realized that I was raising kids that were not financially savvy. And I realized that there are a lot of moms out there like me that would need help in financial planning. AXA has helped me become financially fit and has educated me on how I can grow my wealth & protect my family’s finances. If u or your friends want to know more about Fail Proofing your Child’s Education or your Family’s Future. Pls let me know. I can set up one-on-one appointments or organize a FREE Fail Proof Seminar for your group, school, organizations or offices. Or if there are other moms out there who wants to be financially savvy and also have a fulfilling career by helping others, pls do get in touch with me via my mobile 0920.9055530 or send me an email via momtrepreneur1@yahoo.com. Thanks and have a great week!

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