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There was an episode of Happy Endings which showed how they became addicted to group-buying sites. They would buy anything and everything — art classes, exercise stuff, moisturizers, what have you.  Can you relate?


I personally got addicted to Deal Grocer. I’ve bought 10 coupons at a time for Kaiseki, Shi Lin, Li Li, Gloria Maris — even if I didn’t have anyone confirmed to eat with (there’s always the office!) haha.  Fine, I admit I wasn’t able to use up some of my vouchers but I was able to give them out as gifts and the recipients were extremely happy. The good thing about buying at Deal Grocer is that they always have great partners and great deals. They have taste.

This year, they came up with a partner site, aptly named Taste Central. Taste Central (to me) is more about products. Deal Grocer is more about services — food, vacations, treatments, fitness.

And yes, like Deal Grocer, every time I get that email from Taste Central on Monday morning, I just have to check out the site.  Their new stuff is just way too tempting to pass up.  Here are the things I like about Taste Central and why addiction is justifiable:

  • Instant registration. I can log in with my Deal Grocer account.
  • Classic design. The look and interface is clean, organized and the pictures of the products are really nice. Very premium.
  • Ease of navigation. it’s easy to find products with the categories.

taste central

  • They have a Waitlist function if the product has been sold out.  I’ve tried this but they haven’t informed me just yet if the items I like are back in stock (they probably think I’ve spent too much already).
  • Checkout was very easy.

  • Because of all my purchases in Deal Grocer, I’m already a platinum member and my delivery is free!
  • Delivery took less than 24 hours, actually, I think the box arrived within 15 hours from the time I ordered.
  • Orders come in this bog box.  (Parang nag-order ka ng balikbayan box!!)  The box is even designed tastefully.  COPY ON THE SIDE: It’s yours.  All yours.  (Reminds me of the cat that is trying to capture Tweety Bird.)

  • Then of course, like I said, you discover good finds.  

I got Cambridge Quick Dry towels. 

 I decided to throw out my bag organizer (because at the end of the day, I have to organize the organizer!) and bought myself a set of 5 Beansprout Organizers — all for P500.  These are what I have in my bag now.

And finally, I got my daughters a Modern Twist placemat from Quirks Marketing.  They can color it and it’s so easy to wash.  The kids do it themselves.

I actually shopped for all of these in May but I only got to post now.  And as I write I have the ff.in my shopping cart:


and on my wait list

waitlist waitlist 2

For now, I’ve unsubscribed to all other deal sites and just kept Deal Grocer and Taste Central (I’m not addicted).

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2 Responses to A Deal Site with Taste

  1. Frances says:

    Hi kris! I’ve seen TC for sometime now over the net, but you’re the one who finally convinced me to click the “buy now” botton. Stayed past my bedtime last night for it. Hahaha! Good luck to me! 😉

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Hi Frances!! Hahaha, grabe diba?? I don’t know what it is. You look at it, you think you don’t need it but then it haunts you and you keep going back because you might need it or you actually need it. Hay, nakakaloka. Hahaha. Pero I regret not buying the Cuisinart Convection Oven they had at 33% off before!! I had to buy in True Value at 20% off lang.

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