Public Enemy Number 2

When you’re waiting outside a public bathroom door (especially a unisex one!!), do you ever think about what the person in it is doing?  What if he’s pooping???

Whenever that thought pops (poops) into my head, I try to banish it immediately because thinking about it will just make me go crazy.  CRAZZZZZYYYYYY!!!

What keeps me sane?

My ammunition: finger sacks, thick Starbucks tissue (to have a barrier between my skin and any surface) and  my elbows and knees to push the door, soap and By Nature disinfectant.

OK, I’m sorry for putting the idea in your head.  I just thought about it yesterday while I was waiting for this guy to come out of the Starbucks washroom and he was taking forever.  *Banish, banish, banish


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4 Responses to Public Enemy Number 2

  1. i think about it tooooo :( HORROR!!

  2. Before I go rambling about… Hello! I’m Roxi from Mr. Jacob’s Mom! A fellow OC Mom in Manila. 😀

    OMG. Are you my twin?! I fight my anxiety with public restrooms with my bag full of ‘protection’. I bring my own roll of toilet paper (esp. when I know I’ll be gone the whole day), coz you know how public restrooms are, hit or miss if they supply you with toilet tissue. Then I have my Cleene alcohol spray, to spray the toilet bowl before placing a bunch of toilet tissue around the seat. Then my Huggies baby wipes.

    After I wash my hands, I don’t touch the faucet with my bare hands. I use tissue to turn it off. Then use it to open the door so I don’t touch that either. When a friend goes with me to the bathroom, I do the same for them and they make me go out first because they know I will hold the door as such and they don’t want to do it themselves. LOL!

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