GIVEAWAY ALERT: Win a Del Monte Spaghetti + Mom and Me Arts Activities Gift Pack

Connected to my tear-jerker post yesterday on spending #MeriendaMoments with your kids, here’s a giveaway from Del Monte!  Win this Del Monte Spaghetti Merienda pack with Mom and Me arts activities for you and your kid.



1. Follow the RaffleCopter mechanics below.
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2. Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell us what your kid does that shows he or she is growing up already (the more senti the comment, the more chances it will have for me to like it haha!)

3. I’ll draw from Rafflecopter and check your comment.  If I like your comment, you win!

Here’s a sample comment that Rone of MotheringEarthlings (which has the cutest stuff for kids and moms!) wrote yesterday about her son:

Gael is almost 8 and he already tries to dress like Justin Beiber *eyeroll*, wants to get his hair done by my stylist and color it blonde, counts the years till he gets to drive himself to school and football practice, watches non cartoon channels, pretends he isn’t with me at the mall, listens to One Direction and .Fun on the iPod AND the snide remarks have already begun. But you are right, he still runs to me when upset, gives me a hug when he is thrilled and every once in a while I catch him watching Go Diego Go.

Rone is just funny (check out her blog) and the comment still makes me teary-eyed.

Good luck and happy merienda!


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41 Responses to GIVEAWAY ALERT: Win a Del Monte Spaghetti + Mom and Me Arts Activities Gift Pack

  1. Cham says:

    I just saw Drawing Book + Craypas + Watercolors + Origami Paper and I panicked! I don’t even know if my entries will be valid because I’m not yet a mom but hell, what’s stopping me? :)

    Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever grow up. Literally, I know I have to live as a grown-up now but still, it always makes me happy to be in touch with the inner child in me. And that includes having fun with art all the time!

    On the other hand, I remember the last time my Mom accompanied me while waiting for my jeepney ride, the first installment of my trip back to Davao. It was the last time I visited her on my own, as a single woman. A few minutes before I boarded a jeepney, while choking back tears, she just said, “Dati, iniisip ko na sana mag-asawa ka na. Pero ngayon, parang gusto ko bawiin. Ganito pala ang pakiramdam…”

    And at that moment, I knew that my Mom knew… it was time for her little girl to grow up…

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Hahaha, Cham! Pls. don’t become a mother just to get craypas. Hahaha.

      What your mom said made me tear up. *Sniff

  2. Aida Villanueva says:

    I don’ t have a child but I have a niece who is 5 yrs. old, her name is Danna Mikaela. At his age, she did not asking for help when she is dressing up especially in wearing her uniform. She knows the crush crush thing and to our surprise she already have one and she keep on telling us about the boy and she’s just like a teenager. (Dinaig pa kaming mga tita )..How time flies so fast. The little girl who used to be our baby is now an elementary schooler. Many big changes.

  3. Marinela Diaz says:

    My son will be turning 16 months on the 12th. Yes, I’m still considering him as my baby and not a toddler. But I can’t hold him back. He’s growing up so fast. He can now walk steadily and run without tripping over his toys. Simple toys doesn’t interest him anymore. He’s happier when he sees bugs in our garden and lizards in the ceiling. Aside from that, he’s also slowly transitioning to toddler food. He used to love baby cereals and biscuits. Now, he likes pasta and fruits!

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Bugs and lizards are the best and cheapest entertainment for kids :) It’s great you encourage him to explore.

  4. jaycellmae almendra says:

    he growing up already he knows how to take care of his little sister..:)

  5. The moment that he prefers to hang out with his friends than go to the mall with me. He does not want to sleep on our bed anymore but wants a room of his own.

  6. arra odeza says:

    my daughter just turned 1 year old now she’s so madaldal and learning how o talk and walk on her own. she’s very malikot unlike when she was just around 1-8 months. she can eat hard foods and want to drink in a glass rather than on a feeding bottle

  7. Joy Merced says:

    Whenever my youngest son (2 Years old) sees his lola walking up the stairs he immediately holds her hand and walks her up! My eldest naman knows how to go to school on his own, he doesn’t want me to walk him anymore..

  8. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    My son do walking, running , talking and eat well, it is the sign that he is growing already! :))

  9. cheekeegirl says:

    My eldest daughter Mariella is already 2 years and 5 months old. Her playmates in our neighborhood is already at school. So everyday in the morning, she sees them bringing their own bag. She is also mimicking them by putting things inside her Dora the Explorer bagpack (crayons, pencils, paper) and putting her plastic sunglasses on as if she goes to school also. When we are off to office, she will follow us with her backpack on, shoes on and bids goodbye to her younger sister and nanny too.

  10. Mina says:

    My son now insists on taking a bath alone. I still insist on bathing him though. Also, he now chooses what foods to eat unlike when he was less than 1 when I can feed him healthy foods and he doesn’t complain. 😀

  11. Jea Blancaflor says:

    My daughter turned 8 months last July 4. She is very playful & mimic things already. She turned over as fast as a glance now & can play peek-a-boo.

  12. mARIDEL TERRADO says:

    My daugther is turning 7 on November. I’ve notice that she now very conscious on what dress to be wear, and she always look to the mirror to see how beautiful she is.

  13. Dorothy says:

    My daughter can sleep on her own now and she’s five. :) Soon I think she’ll want to take a bath on her own :)

  14. Istin Dizon Paigna says:

    What does your kid do that shows you he or she is growing up already?
    My 6 year old son just freaks out our family. He is always goes from school with so many tricks, kwentos and new words. Like, he has a crush named Jacqueline. He wants to get married na daw.. (Oh my! for a 6 yr old boy.. kaloka) He has a “pare” and “idol” daw at school. He wants to use gel for his hair, (He wants the tayo tayo na hair) he even tried DIY by going to their washroom at school wetting his hair that his adviser and school helper got surprised and lastly, He wants daw a haircut like Coco Martin. Haha.

    My 4 year old daughter, eats like a model, super konti kumain and lately, she wants to wear an earring that I’ve won from a giveaway. She’s been asking me when she will grow up so that her ears would grow as well and could finally use the earrings.

    I’ve been really wondering if I am like my kids when I was young, but definitely my kids never stops to amaze me with their kakulitan and new stuffs that they learn outside our home. My kids are growing up so fast..

  15. Diana Beatima says:

    What does your kid do that shows you he or she is growing up already?
    I have 3 kids and now it really shows that they are growing up already because they are now trying to be a responsible kid unlike before they always depend on me.. in their assignments, project even what will they wear. Now, sometimes na lang. :(

  16. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    my son shows that he’s a grown up already by helping me on house chores,he knows now how to put up a conversation,explain himself and now do court a girl..
    my daughter irelle shows that she’s an grow up,she do now choose her clothes, she helps me on taking care of her baby sister…

  17. rica says:

    ayaw nya na pinapaliguan pa sya, kaya na daw nya maligo mag-isa

  18. Corinne says:

    My son is still 3 years old and whenever her months old baby sister cries he will immediately call my attention and as soon as he see the baby quieted down he will then go back to whatever he was doing. He also often tell her baby sister that he love her. He is a gentle big brother.

  19. Ohms says:

    Hi!I just recently register to Delmonteph for their recipes because I am a new mom, my toddler grow so fast because she refused to drink milk na, she often want something new in her taste, so I was eager to find food (healthy) for her, she even wanted to eat by her own little hands.( I just watch her around) mas marami na syang nakakain kapag sya lang. Big girl na talaga sya:)

  20. joanne perez says:

    My 16 month old son is quite the independent little boy.. He sometimes insist on eating on his own, and his favorites are squash and spaghetti. He also refuse to be held whenever we take a stroll inside the subdivision (though we never let him out of our sight).

  21. Liza Marie Valenzuela says:

    I don’t have a child yet but an inaanak who is 5 years old. She’s been asking too many questions and would like to try a lot of things.

  22. Paerl Paguio says:

    my eldest (3y/o) wants to do some things on his own, he would get a stool to reach the sink so he can wash his hands, he is also telling me that he’s ready to go to school and wants to bring baon.m He even sometimes hold his sisters feeding bottle. (hehe, he’s just so cute)

  23. Belinda B. Ibañez says:

    Oh, how time flies, my son whom I call “My Baby” really grow so fast. Before, I usually do everything for him, papaliguan, susubuan, lilinisan and everything a Mom do, but now he do it on her own na. One time I volunteer to bathed him, he told me “Mommy, binata na ako!” Minsan it hurts and sometimes you feel when your kids grow up na parang dika na kailangan but it’s not true as they grow up they still need you around nag-iiba lang yong mga needs that you have to provide/give to them. Kumbaga naga-upgrade din. ♥♥♥

  24. ana darato says:

    I Have to children 17 and 18 yrs old before they always want me to be w/ them all the time but now they grown up they want to be w/ friends or w/ their own.

  25. What does your kid do that shows you he or she is growing up already?
    My three children was now a grown up man and a lady, They all finished there college and now all professional . :)

  26. Jeffrey Roy Pascual says:

    My small brother shows a little responsibility around the house. When he is asked to do a task, he would not hesitate and would work it out.

  27. suzette says:

    when my lurene became 5 she chooses what she wants to wear,its like she already has her own style and own fashion statement.lols =>

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