M’s Birthday Gift Loot

I can’t believe M is 6.  Where did the time go?  (If I would ask M, she’d probably say it went to traffic.)

M’s a surprisingly practical girl.  She knows we don’t normally buy toys or gifts outside of her birthday and Christmas.   She knows not to ask for something too big.  When she wants a certain toy that’s too expensive, I explain it to her in Lalaloopsy language

M, you can get 3 Lalaloopsy with that amount.

(because she can understand and also, I want to “inception” her to have a Lalaloopsy collection rather than different toys.  I think it’s backfiring.)

She also loves to explain why she wants certain things.  She has her specific reasons for wanting them.  Here are the toys we picked out for her 6th birthday and the reasons behind them:

1. Barbie(s). Last May, I attended the Barbie in the Pink Shoes event in SM Aura and M was with me.  She enjoyed the performance from Ballet Philippines and it felt like we had the Barbies dancing in front of us live.  Since then, she’s been wanting to have Kristyn, from the movie.

The Barbie in the Pink Shoes Kristyn doll is pretty cool because when you twirl her, her skirt transforms from all pink to a purple and blue skirt, automatically!  I still can’t figure out how it works.

Barbie in the Pink Shoes characters: Kristyn, Giselle, Odette

I remember having endless Barbie play time when I was a kid.  I had 3 Barbies and actually, that was a lot already for that time.  Now, M has 6.  One of her friends has 57!  (wow!)  Thankfully, Tita Pam of Richwell Prime gave her the Barbie ballerina Kristyn!!  Thank you so much Tita Pam.

I personally prefer the Basics line and the Collectors line.  I particularly love the Birthday Wishes Collectors’ Edition.  I want one for myself.  (Heehee)  But this post is about what M wants.  I digress…

My Barbie Preferences

2. Lego Friends.  She’s finally 6, thus she qualifies for the age label on the big Lego Friends packs (Last year, she was very manang in saying she can’t have Lego Friends yet because she was just 5 and the box sad 6-12). She wanted Olivia’s house but it is pretty expensive (equivalent to 14 Lalaloopsy!).  So, she’s getting the more reasonable tree house as her first Lego.

3. Look It’s About Me personalized story book.  This one is super cute and is actually my choice.  She doesn’t know about it yet.  The book incorporates her as the lead character.  She goes through the underwater adventure, her hobbies are named in the book and she even has her friends’ names in it.  The story is very well-written and the illustrations are really nice.  She loves reading and playing pretend so to see herself in a story will be such a treat for her.  I can’t wait for her to see it.  She will be so thrilled!

I actually didn’t think there was something like this made locally.  The book is hard-bound and has 24 pages.  It’s P1,200 per book.  To order, they sent me a form which I filled out for the customized hobbies and names in the book.  Because of the customization and the really nice quality of the book, the price is pretty good.  It’s a really nice gift and will be a keeper forever. They also have other titles in their website to choose from.

4. Family time.  She loves our afternoons spent in Magnolia just hanging out.  After school later, I’ll take her and her sister  to ride the choo-choo train, window shop at the toy store, eat a golden brown waffle at Pancake House (she can eat 1 whole!) and let her eat as many Oreo Strawberry Cremes as she wants (before 5pm).  It has to be Oreo Strawberry because she just adores pink.

Oreo actually calls those bonding moments with kids Oreo Time. Log in to oreotime.com to share your own family moments and get to win prizes.

5. Tea Set.  Her plastic tea set got broken last year and she’s been looking for them (I threw them away without telling her!  Oops!!  And this girl has a perfect mental inventory of her toys.) so her little sister, N will be giving her a wooden tea set from ELC.  It’s so cute.  It even has little wooden tea bags, sugar cubes and cookies.

Wooden tea time set from ELC

Love the wooden toys in ELC.  Located in High Street and Greenbelt.

Happy happy birthday M.  May you always remember this 6th birthday and the reasons behind your gifts when you grow older.


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4 Responses to M’s Birthday Gift Loot

  1. Tanya says:

    Who has 57 barbies?

  2. Kaye Catral says:

    No Lalaloopsy?

    Kris, my friend is addicted to Lalaloopsy as well (siya ha, and not the daughter, LOL). I’ll repost some of her pictures on IG so you can see. Heard the original ones are coming out again. How many do you have… M pala! How many dolls does M have? Hihihi.

    Happy 6th Birthday, M!

  3. happy birthday to m!! when dw wants to buy a toy, i have him write it down in his list for his birthday. then he’d complain his birthday is tooo far harharhar

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