Written Time Capsules

In a recent Philips Avent event, we were asked to write a letter to our babies.  We all started putting our pen to paper.  At first, I tried to be funny but as I got to the middle, I became a sissy and started weeping again.

Every year, my husband makes these really nice videos for the kids on their birthdays.  The videos summarize the year’s events in 7 minutes.  He almost always cries when he edits the videos (admit it, J).  I guess writing that letter was a similar experience — personal, emotional and well, it’s about the kids.


So my self-improvement task is inspired by this activity from the Philips Avent event:

I will write a letter to my girls on their birthdays.

It’s like my personal time capsules of them in written form.  It shouldn’t take the place of me telling them how I feel face to face but it will be a nice way to capture the events and emotions in my written hand (maybe even have some dried tears preserved on the paper).


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2 Responses to Written Time Capsules

  1. Kaye Catral says:

    I try to write to my A on her birthday, too! But wow, videos.

    When I first clicked on the link, I thought this was about making time capsules when kids are born then opening them when they’re older. Anyway, your tweet just gave me an idea. I will make time capsules for my kids to open when they’re a certain age. Haha! Thanks, Kris!

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Hey, that’s a great idea! Pero syempre ang first thoughts ko – storage and clutter. Hahaha, talagang organization before sentimentality. Pero at least nga physical letter hindi digital :)

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