Self-Improvement Task #2: I Will Relax

Hey, it’s day 2 of my self-improvement challenge and here’s a confession (man, now I realize I have to actually bare my soul in this), I can get pretty uptight.  Well, OC, in a way, does equal uptight, right?  I have always had the tendency to nitpick — advertising copy, someone’s grammar, restaurant service, the bathroom ledge in Magnolia.  There is a saying that goes “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”   However, to me, everything can be of the same giant scale.  I blame it on my parents (hahaha – nervous laughter), the nuns who gave us the ironic evil eyes all throughout grade school and high school and my marketing background.

So my May 2 challenge to myself:

I will relax.

I have decided that when I am about to nitpick on something that will not have any significant impact on making my life better, I will breathe in, pause and think of the beach in my flip-flops.  At the beach, you leave the laptop behind, you walk around in a bikini and you wear your Havaianas everywhere – even to weddings.


Flip-flops c/o Havaianas. Kalyo on big toe c/o rubber shoes during track team training in high school.

These were the Havaianas I made at the Make Your Own Havaianas event last Tuesday (the first time I went out at night with my SoMom friends! – buhay nanay!).  Those pins are only available during the event.

My assemblers with their boss Gary Villanueva of Creative Juice.  You can make your own Havaianas from May 2-May 5 at the Rockwell Tent.

Today, I wore my Havaianas to the mall while working in a coffee shop.  It was relaxing until I realized my car was coding and it was 3:30PM!

Breathe. Pause. Image of the beach in my flip-flops.  There is no MMDA guy up ahead.


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  1. mymommyology says:

    I’m impressed! 29 to go! :)

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