OC Suggestion Box: Robinsons Magnolia Restrooms

I’m creating a new category because I really can’t help myself when I see something I know can be better.  I just have to tell the manager or the owner (pakialamera much?).  I think it’s because of my brand management background where we are expected to just comment on everything (lest people think you have no opinion) and of course, our pintasera culture (that mostly means you, mom!).

My very first entry is for Robinsons Magnolia.  Prior to this, I’ve given them personal feedback on parking and traffic matters.  To be fair to them, they’ve responded quite quickly to the suggestions.  So hey, they listen.  It’s pretty cool.  For this particular suggestion, I didn’t know who to go to so I’ll just put it here. :)

If you have photos of your own suggestions to other places or services but don’t see any suggestion boxes around, send them my way on twitter or Instagram!  My username is @ocmominmanila.


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  1. aargh! ang daming ganyang washrooms :( cheaper naman ata ang bag hooks diba? i would assume the teeny tiny bag ledges would cost more.

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