Princess Power

I resisted for the longest time in dressing M up in Disney Princess costumes.  (In fact I dressed her up as a boy character for 2 years.)   However, I just did this because I wanted to be different from so many other little girls dressing up as princesses.  I didn’t have any political stand like some articles and posts I’ve read against the Disney Princess craze.

Some articles talk about the perils of exposing your daughters to the Disney princesses — that there’s the risk of raising them to be superficial, or encouraging them to have a Prince Charming-obsessed life.  I respect their views but I don’t agree.

M started liking Disney movies from age 2.  She liked the stories and songs.  She liked the gowns.  She liked the pretty princesses.  It was natural for her to like them.  It was inherent.  I just played the DVD and it was Disney magic.

I don’t think she’ll grow up to be a damsel-in-distress ditz waiting to be rescued by some man with a chiseled jaw just because she watches the movies (unless she watches the movies 24/7).  I would like to think her exposure to me and my example of being independent, empowered, brave, confident (ok, nagbubuhat na ba ng bangko?? I didn’t say I was beautiful naman) have more influence on her than a 1 hour movie.

Recently, I saw several friends share links on Facebook on how Disney started redefining princesses and it made me like this company even more (I am a sucker for advertising with good insight and execution).

And just like my daughter’s PTCs when I hear her amazing progress and her potential to being a great person,  I teared up at these videos (yes, I became a sissy when I became a mom).

And there are other versions (yes, I still teared up when I watched these):

My daughters are princesses.

Long may they reign.


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2 Responses to Princess Power

  1. Tanya says:

    Does it make me a bigger sissy if I got teary eyed with your post? Hahaha!

    I love this new Disney campaign. And I am totally on board with all your points. I think our children will take away what they will from the Disney princess movies – and if they’re positive values then it’s up to us to reinforce them. And if it’s crap – well, hey. Hopefully theyll outgrow them. Hahaha!

    I think if we provide them with good roles models of empowered (you, me, and our cabal of strong opinionated women) females – they’ll be fine. May be even better than fine. After all, they’ve got us to look up to. (nakikibuhat ng bangko)

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