Plastic-Bottled Water – Blech

I remember being in a flight where I had to buy plastic-bottled water (lest I die from dehydration on the plane) and when I tasted it, my gosh it was so awful.  It tasted like it was expired!! Can water expire??  It was Philippine-bottled but we were coming from Osaka so I’m not sure what the factors were – was it sitting in the warehouse too long?  Was it exposed to heat?  How long has it been since it was bottled?  But the main factor is – it was in a plastic container.  And all other factors combined with that will result in [even] water tasting bad.

I think the last time I drank plastic-bottled water was Boracay last year, because we had no choice.  I wanted to bring my Aquasana water filter with me but I didn’t know how good the water treatment was on the island, or even the pipes.  Outside of travel and unfamiliar conditions, I avoid plastic-bottled water like the plague that it is.  It tastes awful, it contaminates the water plus it takes so much natural resources (gas and water) to produce it.

Here’s a video from the Hidden Costs series showing the failing grade bottled water gets in terms of its effect on our health, environment, economy and society. (Thank you Fatherland for tweeting me the link!)

And Marc’s tweet was just in time for World Water Day on March 22!  On World Water Day, the world comes together to figure out ways on how to conserve the most precious resource on our planet.

My contribution to conserving water: I filter my own water at home then bring it along with me in my Aquasana or Starbucks glass bottles.

If there was one thing you could do to help conserve water, it would be to stop buying plastic-bottled water.  Your children will thank you and so will your taste buds.


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  1. If there’s something I always look first in a place (when house-hunting; we’re renting), that’s water. I would like to know more about Aquasana. May I know where I could buy it and for how much? :)

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