Know Your Medicine Manufacturer: Why I Prefer Branded Over Generic

Nerd Confession: I like plant tours.  I like understanding where the products I use come from, how they’re made, what measures are taken to ensure they’re safe and how OC the industrial engineers were in developing processes and making sure checks and balances are in place to prevent mistakes.  When Unilab invited a few bloggers to visit their Amherst plant in Sta. Rosa late last year, I was actually excited.  (What a geek!)

LEFT: The Excursionistas Boarding the Unilab Coaster (Kulang na lang tarpaulin); RIGHT: In the Amherst Lobby.

My favorite part of the tour was when they made sure we were sterile before entering the plant floor.  I wonder if I can implement this at home.

Getting sterile before entering the plant

Of course we had to make sure our hands were also sterile.  There was a whole row of industrial sinks and dryers.  There were also instructions on how to wash hands like doctors.  I would gladly shake all of their hands now.

All Sterile Now.  The perfect world for the OC.

The plant is very clean.  Color-coding is in place to say which places are air-locked, which allow certain personnel only, etc.

Color-coded doors, Spotless floors, Sterile personnel checking for cracks, Geeky staff checking automated proceses

After seeing the ultra clean plant, the safety and quality control measures and meeting the people who ran Amherst, I feel more confident in buying Unilab and Rite-Med products than unknown generic products.  I have this fear of generic medicine, not knowing who the manufacturers are, how clean their plant is, if they have quality control … ok I can go on and on about my paranoia (Just call it Melamine in Milk Trauma).  FDA, from my experience, is strict with registration.  However, after a product is registered, I don’t think they have enough manpower to do checks on actual products in the store.

So my OC tip: Know who manufactures your medicine and if they’re OC enough to keep your safety in mind.

P.S. Don’t you hate it sometimes when you lose the pamphlet that comes with your meds?  Unilab has made sure you don’t experiment when you lose those dosage instructions.  Check out the Unilab website for their different brands and products.  Each product has information on the generic name, dosage, undesirable effects and other FAQs.


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2 Responses to Know Your Medicine Manufacturer: Why I Prefer Branded Over Generic

  1. I do agree with you, industrial safety is required specially in case of Heatlh care, But Generics are also useful part of our health care specially in case of war or some epidemics you r are not going to use branded meds to cure mass of people?

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Thanks for reading my blog! Your case is a bit extreme. I am talking about everyday needs here :) It is not comparable.

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