OC Quick Tip: Stamp Your Raffle Stubs

I hate filling out raffle stubs.  I do.  It takes a lot of time and I have never won.  (I won a Bingo game once though!)  I remember my mom would fill out the Unimart coupons for us and she would give all of us an equal number of coupons — there are 9 of us in the family (Imagine all those groceries, thus all the coupons!).

A few years back, I had our AA have a stamp made for me.  It was only P20 I think but it was crude, made on the sidewalks of Valero St. and when you stamped it, it was messy and the letters were uneven.  (OC!!!)

While I was decluttering last December, I discovered an unopened National Bookstore package that 101 grams of eye candy bought for me.  It was a Trodat stamp!  Like an old-school printing press, you would lay out the individual letters and stamp them on the stub.  The whole process of putting in the letters with the tweezer is very tedious and very therapeutic – haha.

The Trodat stamp has four lines and fits perfectly on the normal raffle stub space.  I didn’t bother following the fields anymore.  I just made the information fit.  (Raffle stamps are so inefficient anyway — how can an address fit on that short line??)  If I don’t win the raffle because of luck, I can probably win the Neatest Stub award.

Now, what else can I stamp?

♦ Trodat Stamp ♦ Around P900 ♦ National Bookstore ♦


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19 Responses to OC Quick Tip: Stamp Your Raffle Stubs

  1. Jenny says:

    this post is so YOU!!! tweezer-ing in those small letters therapeutic?! heehee! pero yes, i don’t understand why those address lines are so short. so i use my MIL’s address na super iksi 😀

  2. Cham says:

    I remember manually filling up around 50 raffle stubs we accumulated over a few weeks. Was so happy when I was finally done, only to find out a few days after the draw that I forgot to drop them off! Grrrrr…

  3. mymommyology says:

    Okay. Gusto ko siya. National?

  4. i also want this for the waybills that i send out for MBS although i have to admit therapeutic for me ang pag fill out ng forms haha 😛

  5. Heilyngo says:

    A day before im thinking where to find a stamp like this! So thanks to you post got an idea :) checked out National but out of stock, so i checked out SM statio section.. Turns out its cheaper there! 744.75 mark down from 979.75 :)

  6. My husband does this! He had a stamp especially made for this reason!

  7. Can you believe I have had one for like 4 years now? It’s the best stamp EVER. You and (eye) candy are my kindred spirits!

    I love the idea of using it for raffle stubs! Thanks for the tip! You always have the best tips sweety!

  8. I never fill in raffle stubs! This just might get me started. Thanks for sharing! =)

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