An Intro to OOTD Posts: Being Un-OC about my 5yo’s Outfits

No, I’m not posting my outfits of the day.  I don’t have the style and body of ManilaFashionObserver or MyMomFriday.  These are my 5yo’s outfits (sorry Berry Dychiao, I’m a copycat!).

Based on our progressive parenting sessions with Coach Pia Acevedo, we should empower our kids and give them opportunities to make their own decisions.  There are some moms that cannot bear to let their kids out of the house wearing mismatching clothes or shoes.  I was one of those moms but I have learned to be progressive and let M pick her clothes from the closet.  Here are some of her outfits from last December.  Obviously, a skirt and/or leggings are staples.

Clockwise: Gap tee and leggings, Gingersnaps tutu, SM boots; Gap tee, Old Navy tutu (size 24 months!), SM leggings; Gingersnaps tee, Gap leggings, Zara Kids scarf; Gingersnaps tee, Skorts from Mothering Eartlings, Mothercare leggings, Zara mary janes; Gingersnaps tee, Mothercare skirt, SM leggings, Jelly Nelly sandals; Gap tee, Ralph Kids skirt

The other day, she wore a graphic tee with a multi-colored tutu, rainbow leggings and red plaid flats.  Who am I to judge her style?  She’ll probably change it over several times in her lifetime.

Yes, I still get OC from the mismatches but I have learned to control my impulse to scar her for life with potential criticisms.  For now, encouraging her to be creative and empowering her to make her personality come out is what’s more important.


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11 Responses to An Intro to OOTD Posts: Being Un-OC about my 5yo’s Outfits

  1. mymommyology says:

    She doesn’t naman have crazy combos when we see her!

  2. Jen CC Tan says:

    My age will show…I suddenly remember Punky Brewster! LOL! But I love her choices!

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Yes, that’s her look! Maybe I should dig up some old episodes. In general, her look is cute. But there are times when Jake just shakes his head. Hahaha.

  3. Mom-Friday says:

    They are at this age of experimentation and strong self-expression… nagsawa na ako to convince her what and what not to wear so our M’s are similar in this area.
    Thanks for the mention – you flatter me too much!!! Wala akong body and confidence to post OOTD in full body shot, hahaha… :) It’s really fun posting the girls’ OOTD.

  4. Tiffany says:

    In fairness – very progressive of you to let go! Brave mommy! :) Most of M’s choices are really good though :) You have a fashionista in the making!

  5. Patty says:

    Guilty of choosing my girls’ clothes! I should learn to let go.

  6. Rone says:

    So proud of your un OCness!!! Self expression and fashion statements (no matter how strange!) is what Mothering Earthlings is all about!!! Us parents might be shaking our heads but her friends might be ooohhing and ahhhing.

  7. We’re in the same boat! My R insists on wearing her glittery shoes with everything, as in everything! She always prefers dresses and skirts even if i want to see her in her fun printed leggings (like M’s!) or her bright colored shorts. At first I was thinking it’s my responsibility as her mom to teach her proper dressing and learning to mix and match properly, but at some point I reached the same epiphany you did and realized it’s better (and easier) to step back and let her be, and allow her to take pride and comfort in her decisions:) Thanks for validating that for me!:)

  8. Louisa says:

    Happy new year, OC Mom! Love the outfits and the laid back approach to letting her choose. This is one area I am not at all OC in (wearing jogpants pretty much all the time, myself) My boys have picked out their own outfits since they were able to. Their overall look is more “street kid” than M’s “quirky chic” though… (I probably should do a better job of making sure the clothes available are the right size, and no will-grow-into-this-soons or just-grown-out-of thises…!)Oh well. They go to school comfy and (mostly) clean. Tick in box. Love to you and the girls. xxx

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