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For those who know me, you know I’m most OC about getting viruses from people.  I’ve done some (relatively) extreme things — like stopped kissing relatives or buying weird things for virus-prevention.  However, what happens if that persistent virus gets through?  What do I do after that?

Here are some of my OC habits when a disease strikes:

1. Consult with Dr. Google.  I want to read up first on the symptoms of the disease especially since you can only get so much from a text conversation with your pedia.  My favorite sites are WebMD and Babycenter.  I’m a very good diagnostician, if I say so myself (A Dr. House in the making!  I should have stuck out my waitlist in Bio in UP).  I diagnosed my first daughter’s roseola and HFMD before we got to the pedia.  I also diagnosed my own appendicitis in 1995!

2. Only bring the child to the pedia if they are not themselves or the fever (38 up) has persisted for 3 days.  Earlier than that, the pedia won’t be able to diagnose anything either.  The pedia’s assistant will also schedule you with other sick kids so your child may get infected with some other virus while there.

3. Drink lots of water (Aquasana of course).  Filtered water in glass bottles, not plastic, bottled mineral water or distilled water because the kind of water you drink really affects the way your body functions or fights off disease.

4. Follow the right dosage of medicine according to instructions.  Depending on the dosage, we use a timer to alarm on the exact times.  Unilab has a good library of meds which show dosage, indications, etc. in case you threw out the flyer that came with your meds.

Some of my sick-o staples

What are your OC tips and habits when it comes to getting sick?  Leave a comment below and the best comment wins a really nice gift pack from Unilab.

Please also follow the Rafflecopter mechanics.  Contest ends on November 26 noon!  Good luck.

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44 Responses to OC About Health and a Contest

  1. Whenever someone at home gets sick ( myself included), I make sure that lots and lots of drinking water are consumed. And I disinfect everything, especially my hands, sooo many times, they actually start to hurt. :)

  2. Cai says:

    Kris! I want to order Aquasana bottles, please do let me know if you have stocks! :)

  3. Emmalyn C. Salavaria says:

    What OC tips or habits do you have when you get sick?

    first go to your Doctor for some check up and to know what medicine to take, take rest, eat fruits/ healthy foods, drink a lots of water and “Pray” the best medicine and “He” is the best doctor.

  4. Olga says:

    What OC tips or habits do you have when you get sick?

    I’m more OC when my kids get sick. First, I consult ‘dr.internet’ first and first hand experience together with stock knowledge, then if it is not enough, I take them to the pedia, but not without bringing a bottle of spray sanitizer, alcohol and santizer wipes. Yes, I spray sanitizer on the chair, wipe whatever my kids might touch and make them put alcohol on their hands every 5 minutes :)

  5. Talia says:

    I wash my hands every now and then when I am sick as I am afraid to pass on the virus to my daughter. I also make sure she breastfeeds from me directly as I know I can pass on my immunity to her this way.

  6. shiela masongsong says:

    go to the doctor, drink lots of water and eat soup and fresh fruits, disinfect everything. wear masks whenever i care for my kid.

  7. mymommyology says:

    When the girls get a cold we:
    1) steam them in the bathroom for 10 minutes every night;
    2) bring out the vaporizer and allow it to run in the room before they enter;
    3) apply medicated rub on their pillows and the front and back of their clothes before sleeping; and
    4) prop up their sleeping area with some pillows.

  8. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    Even when they are not sick, family members (husband, baby, househelp) take their multivitamins everyday, especially Vitamin C. I make sure everyone is well hydrated. Everyone knows they have to wash their hands often (before and after eating, after touching something unclean, especially after toilet trips, etc.). Of course, as with every Filipino, bathing daily is a must.
    When my family gets sick, I monitor their temperature every 4 hours, check for cough/phlegm and nasal discharge (frequency and color), check for rashes all over, especially with the baby (dengue scare). And I write them all down on paper (date and time, temp, old and new symptoms, medicines given) so when they need to go to a specialist, we’re all set.

  9. Zendie says:

    When my kids are sick, I make sure that they are properly hydrated and are comfortable. After 3 days of non-improved condition, that’s the time I bring them to the pedia. I make sure they are given the meds on time. I’m also a Dr. Google-ist. :))

  10. PattyB00 says:

    Disinfect – Lysol is our family’s best friend. We always have a spray bottle in each bedroom. Even when no one is sick, it’s part of the cleaning routine at home. Moreso when someone’s down with a cold, cough or fever. We’re also huge Sterilium fans. It’s hospital-grade hand sanitizer which we have in pump bottles at home. My kids and I each have a small atomizer containing Sterilium in our bags for going out.

    Monitor – It’s important for me to monitor temperatures when someone has a fever. Dengue is so common nowadays, I don’t want to take any risks. I hardly sleep when one of the kids is sick.

    Communicate – I keep an open line with the pediatrician/family physician whenever I’m sick or when anyone at home is. I never self-medicate or decide to try a new brand of medicine on my own. I always make sure I have an expert’s approval to do it.

    Bottom line is to teach good hygiene and follow through!

  11. Cielo says:

    When I am sick, i dont kiss my kiddos and I always wash my hand if ever I really need direct and upclose contact with them since I am afraid that I may pass it to my kids

  12. What OC tips or habits do you have when you get sick?

    Room ambiance should be all white.. blankets, bed sheets, curtains and walls, all should be white. I feel like healthy if everything is white.

  13. Say says:

    I monitor the temperature every hour..lots of fluid..checked if comfortable..making sure to take the meds on time..

  14. leah miguel says:

    chicken soup plus lots of hugs will do

  15. edel leonsua says:

    I drink lots of water and vitamin c.

  16. maura faye victoria says:

    there are always someone who gets sick at home because we always have an interaction with other people, most of us here goes to work, shcool etc. so one of us gets cough, cold. then the other one will have too. so what we do when someone is sick we ask to drink medicine and a lot of water then after a week if still sick we will consult to the doctor

  17. Ruth Calsada says:

    This are my OC tips:
    1.I Limit my contact with all our family members as much as possible.
    2. I cough into a tissue and dispose it immediately to prevent the bacteria that hit me from spreading in our home.
    3. Tell everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently with the best sanitizing product to remove the possible bacteria that might also make them sick like me.
    4.Keep common surfaces and items clean and disinfected.
    5. And lastly I recommend everyone to take vitamins to make their immune system strong. Vitamin C for example.

  18. Quima says:

    I’d really get crazy over the things I used, I always keep them separated with the rest of the utensils in the house.

  19. jay says:

    eat real fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, try to over sleep and over nap. make sure you are in a clean and cold environment to easily recuperate.

  20. Sybil Ann Chua says:

    Whenever I get sick, one of the things I do to have a quick relief and feel better in an instant is to inhale and massage the temples of my head with a menthol, camphor or eucalyptus oil based medication (ex: white flower, menthol cone, katinko, omega pain killer etc.). These I also use to mix with a little amount of water poured in an electronic steam machine to surround my room with the same menthol feel.

  21. drink lots of Vitamin C and water, and also ginger if it’s cough or colds

  22. claire calicdan says:

    PREVENTION is always better than cure. Eat Fruits and Veggies. Take at least 8 hours of sleep. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. and stay Happy!

  23. Ruby Salazar Papio says:

    My OC Tips and Habits when im getting sick are Test my body temperate for me to know if my fever is higher or maybe lower , and im following the right instructions if what time i take unilab medicines , i once take a bath with warm water , and most importantly is i ate fruits and drink water more often…

  24. Juliet S. Banzuela says:

    getting sick means no appetite to eat i always have porridge with lots of ginger its beneficial

  25. Mic says:

    When I get sick, I prepare a basket of all the essential stuff I would need and place it on my bedside table, it has the meds I need to take, some vitamin C, bottle of water, tissue box, alcohol/sanitizer, thermometer, saline drops, strepsils and a good book or magazine. I stay in bed and get the rest I need, plus music which also helps me relax. My toddler son sleeps on the guest room to avoid contact and transfer of virus.

  26. When I get sick / someone in my family gets sick, we take extra doses of vitC + lots of water + lots of rests :) Oh, lots of handwashing too. And no touching / kissing the kids! 😉

  27. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    drinking a lot of water and juices.

  28. Susana Irenea L. Borja says:

    After I get sick, I always clean the house because I don’t want to get sick again. :)

  29. Marinela Diaz says:

    Whenever someone gets sick in the family, we go to the doctor immediately. It’s important for me to get opinions from health professionals. I don’t give medications if it was not recommended by doctors. In our house, I make sure that everything’s clean and disinfected.

  30. i just drink lots of water. i pray.

  31. Nanette Masanque says:

    some OC tips during sickness:
    1. We only drink warm, shaken water. We avoid cold and sweetened drinks no matter how hot the weather is.
    2. We take hydrating diet like juicy fruits (turnip and apple) that are not acidic. Acidic fruits that are too sour or too sweet just make the throat more irritated. We also prepare soupy viands like tinola and nilaga and avoid fried meals.
    3. We take a lot of rest and sleep. Enough sleep specially at night helps in the production of our blood cells which strengthen our immune system.
    4. A soothing massage on the aching body part always gets a thumbs up and a smile on the patient’s face.

  32. Jelo Manongsong says:

    I always wash my hands and bring hand sanitizer in my bag everyday. I also take multivitamins supplement and drink water as often as I can. :)

  33. Maricel Peniero says:

    It’s truly difficult to get sick these days especially when most of us are always on the go. Warding off a flu for me would mean boosting my immune system so that I can avoid repeatedly catching a cold. I would take 1 gm of Vitamin C a day and drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated. Incorporating fruits and vegetables in my diet keeps me healthy. I’m also armed with a handkerchief just in case someone nearby sneezes or coughs. Travel-sized hand sanitizer and wipes also prove handy. And of course nothing beats taking enough rest and shying away from vices (drinking,smoking) that could compromise our immune system.

  34. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    get some rest kagad, khit sakit lng ng ulo. sleep on it and it’ll make you feel better

  35. Consulting Doctors, take some rest,eat healthy diet & love and comfort will help! :)

  36. Arra Odeza says:

    Following right dosage of medicine according to instructions. drinking lots of water when having cold, flu or cough..staying away from smokers..always have sanitizer or alcohol :)

  37. Allan Reyes says:

    Drink lots of water and take vitamin c

  38. Anjelie Dawn Mendoza says:

    I’m particular with a lot of things whenever I get sick.
    a.) I get super OC and search over at good ‘ole Mr. Google all my symptoms that I think I might be a hypochondriac. I have diagnosed myself with over 5 diseases already!
    b.) I need to get new sheets for my bed and blankets. wear super clean light clothes
    c.) Tons of water and alcohol on the side of my bed
    d.) My food has to be prepared separately
    Now that I think about it, my habits are kind of scary hehe.

  39. alfredo estrella jr. says:

    Consulting Doctors, have a rest, eat healthy diet & love and comfort will help! :)

  40. Corinne says:

    whenever someone in our family gets sick I always make it sure that the “washing and disinfecting” process are strictly followed. Disinfect the knobs and or the kids toys a lot of times in a day. I also make sure that whoever is sick he has his own separate utensils and own cozy place to recuperate.

  41. Kany Vic Perez says:

    When Sickness Strikes? Inom agad ng antibiotic From The Doctor, Drink Plenty of Water, Unimaginable amount that is. Spring cleaning everyday, Courtesy of my family and most espically, Pray, That all this passed quickly

  42. Diana Beatima says:

    drink plenty of water.. rest and take medine i trusted most..

  43. camille quiambao says:

    i always ask for a second opinion

  44. ceemee says:

    As much as possible, I don’t want my kids to be dependent on medicine, so I try to give them lots of water, I double their dosages of vitamin C Ceelin, one in the morning and one after dinner, I also use the nebulizer with NSS when they have persistent cough. I use Vapor Soove on them because I’m scared of using Vicks, I use this on their back, neck and chest.

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